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No words.

Chad loves Donkey Kong Country Returns, win Disney Epic Mickey, Kinect hacks are getting better, Twisted Pixel is teasing a new game and more happened on 11/19/10.

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Win a Wii & Disney Epic Mickey signed by Warren Spector!
Win No More Heroes 2 Hopper’s Edition, CD & Erotica Comic
Contest: Be good at NFS: Hot Pursuit, win an EA game

TurboGrafx-16 games coming to PlayStation Store in Europe
Stocking stuffer games under $20 on Amazon today
Costume Quest DLC, ‘Grubbins on Ice’ coming this winter
GameStop: Move and Kinect will be as big as Wii
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together dated: Feb 15
Target blows their Black Friday load a week early
Europe to get black Wii Fit Plus console bundle
Gran Turismo 5 has 50 minute install, can do while played
New info on Kinect Panzer Dragoon wannabe Project Draco
Paper strip helps Japanese measure their room for Kinect
Telltale’s Poker Night at the Inventory hits next week
Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii getting patched up soon
Our first glimpse at Suda 51’s Codename D
Irrational Games ‘serious’ about BioShock Infinite on PS3
Worms: Battle Islands drops November 23
New cheat tool for PS3 coming from Code Freak makers
Bid to get your name in Slam Bolt Scrappers for charity
PAC-MAN is in the Tournament of Roses Parade
Twisted Pixel is teasing something with this countdown
Carmack interested in doing a Kinect-centric XBLA game

A cute gypsy jazz rendition of the Tetris theme

Dragon’s Lair coming to PS3
Kinect used for digital puppet show
BANG! coming to iPhone and PC this Christmas
Sexy new screens for The Last Story
Get your robe on to enter the Magicka beta
Dynasty Warriors 7 trailer kicks a horse in the face
Sub-Zero sees some action in new Mortal Kombat vid
Let’s Kinect arcade game uses Microsoft’s Kinect sensor

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