The Daily Hotness: DRAGONS!

The Collector’s Edition of Skyrim comes with a dragon! Too bad it’s all overpriced. Seriously, $150? No thanks.

The PAX panel schedule is up, EVO smashes records, Bethesda sues Minecraft over trademark issue, Arkedo Series comes to the PS3 and more happened on 8/5/11.

Destructoid Original:
The DTOID Show: Nolan North, Skyrim, and Torchlight LIVE!
Interview: id President Todd Hollenshead vents his Rage!
The Question: Are DLC ‘season passes’ a good idea?
This weekend on TwitchTV: Max Scoville on Also Talks
Friday Night Fights: What is Hype edition
Live show: Community Picks on Mash Tactics!
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Community blogs of 8/5/11
Forum thread of the day: PAX 2011
Motion Control: Show me what you’ve got

Dtoid to take on EA in Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Win tickets to the Call of Duty: XP fan event!

Review: Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters
Review: Bleach: Soul Resurreccion

PAX panel schedule live, details on BOTH Dtoid panels!

Zelda Symphony’s European date and location revealed
How to get into the $1M Call of Duty XP tournament
Capcom bringing Fight Club to NYC on August 18

Download the Bastion soundtrack for $10
Damn: Twisted Metal delayed to early 2012
Final Fantasy Type-0 demo lands August 11 with costumes
Nathan Drake is the Penguin… wait, what?
3DS Mii Plaza getting updated with new features
Halfbrick’s Monster Dash playable in Chrome
Walmart to sell $170 3DS early so you can steal GBA games
PlayStation Vita launch date will be announced at TGS
Maroon 5 frontman sues Activision over Band Hero
EVO 2011 smashes online viewership records
EA boss announces changes to organization
Yep, those Batman: Arkham City outfits will be DLC
Free App of the Day: Ragnarok Violet (iOS)
Get in the Game: Become a character in Prototype 2
Supergiant’s Bastion coming to PC on August 16
Skyrim collector’s edition features F*CKING DRAGON
Sony’s European games going offline tomorrow
PlayStation Network PLAY action game line-up announced
Sonic Team: Old school Sonic fans hard to please
Blizzard responds to Diablo III ‘always online’ complaint
Sugar has been poured: Def Leppard 6-pack for Rock Band
Skyrim director wants all games on one platform
New Namco Bandai teaser site is super pretty
Atom Zombie Smasher added to Humble Indie Bundle 3
Bethesda sues Minecraft creator Mojang over trademark
Used 3DS sales double in Japan as new sales drop
EA2D is now BioWare San Francisco
MotorStorm game replaces Resistance 3 in PS 3D TV bundle
BloodRayne: Betrayal delayed to October 5

Metroid arm cannon gets steampunk’d
Team Fortress 2 gets the best live-action treatment ever

New King Arthur trailer shows off its Fallen Champions
Enjoy some new Prey 2 screens
Driver: San Francisco trailer shows off multiplayer fun
Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure gets an overview trailer
Sonic Generations ‘City Escape’ screens
FireFall trailer has jetpacks, guns, needs nothing else!
Arkedo Series to appear on PlayStation 3 soon
Bethesda’s Dishonored is my new jam
Upcoming MMORTS Golden Age’s backstory detailed
Eternal Legacy reminds me of some other game…

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