The Daily Hotness: Dolphins are immune to Earthquakes (07/30/08)

Chad sat through an Earthquake today that could have hurt him so what’s the first thing he thinks of doing after the quake? Make a top number list of the best games to play while in the middle of an Earthquake. Chad, you’re amazing. 5 out of 5 dolphins.

Qais wants to know why we can’t all get along, Dale tells of some horror tales from E3, Niero puts up a couple of cosplay galleries from Comic-Con, Oblivion gets beaten in under 11 minutes, and plenty more happened on Tuesday.

Tuesday Regulars:
RetRose Tinted: NARC
Games time forgot: Tron 2.0
Game Debate to the Death! Paper Mario 64 VS Super Mario RPG
Scraps: My coffee is cold (7/29/08)

Original Features:
Podcastle goes LIVE! Find out how to be part of the rubbish
Can’t we all just get along?
The six best videogames to play during an earthquake

PAX 2008:
This is the map of the floor, plan accordingly

Comic-Con 08:
The costumed men of Comic-Con (cosplay gallery)
The costumed ladies of Comic-Con (cosplay gallery)

E3 2008:
Destructoid’s horror stories

Alone in the Dark contest entries and winner announced
Reminder: Civilization Revolution contest ends August 1st!
Dtoid Mountain Dew Xbox 360 contest winner announced!

More Valve on your Xbox Live Arcade?
Square Enix: we’re neutral when it comes to hardware platforms
DC Comics teams with Capcom for Resident Evil and Devil May Cry comics
Street Fighter IV on the Wii? It’s a possiblity, says SFIV producer
EA to sell Crysis Warhead branded computers
Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars pre-orders bundled with statuette
Mass Effect DLC now available for PC
Molyneux has ‘plans for Fable 3, 4, and 5
Take-Two won’t talk GTA on the Wii
Madden 09 coming to the Xbox, original that is
Xbox Live Silver account users getting limited access until fall
Tim Schafer kills a weevil, says ‘Brutal Legend is fine’
EA would ‘love’ to charge for Spore parts … I bet they bloody would

Dynasty Warriors 6 Special: Zhang He busts out the claws

Trailers & Videos:
Racing cars, man: Midnight Club LA trailer tells us what we’re here for
It’s all good fun until someone gets stabbed: LAN Party Massacre

Speedrun: Oblivion beaten in 11 minutes
Things the Wii nunchuk were not intended for: evil teddy bear minion

A cast of thousands: What is a Hero?: Lara Croft

Hamza Aziz