The Daily Hotness: Demake me a sammich (09/08/08)

I’ve never heard of Demakes until today and thanks to Colette, I want to find out all there is to know about Demakes. Also, the music in this trailer for the Silent Hill 2 Demake is marvelous. 
Velvet Express is an awesome name for a porn game, MS knew about the defective Xbox 360s before launch, the C Blog recaps are back in action, and plenty more happened on Monday.
Also, little rant about people thinking $60 is too much for videogames. If you look at the history of videogame pricing, we’re lucky. I remember paying around $70 for Yoshi Safari for the SNES back in the day. Not to mention that I had no idea the game needed the Super Scope and K-Mart wouldn’t let me return the damn game … Bastards. 

Monday Regulars:
Wii Shop releases for week of 9/8: Groovin’ Blocks, Final Soldier, Cho Aniki
New releases for the week of 09/08/08
Podtoid 67 records tonight, with special guest Dan Paladin!
Samurai Shodown II, RocketBowl, and Shotest Shogi on XBLA this Wednesday
The Podcastle 18 records tomorrow: It won’t be called PAXcastle
Monday Mind Teasers 09/08/08
Scraps: Typing with one hand (9/8/2008)

A recap of August’s Monthly Musing
All aboard the Velvet Express! (hint: it’s a sex game)
Destructoid Discusses! PAX 2008
Nokori: Use your drill to pierce through the Heavens!

TGS 08:
Marvelous Entertainment’s TGS 2008 showing looks… well, you know
Square Enix TGS 2008 lineup looks hot, also Snoopy

Rare’s ‘to-do’ list for Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
New Metallica hits Guitar Hero III Friday for $17.99, compatible with World Tour
Report states that MS was aware of a 68% defect rate with the 360
Macintosh version of Spore really costs thousands of dollars
Nintendo of Japan reveals Wi-Fi network adapter
MP demands apology for Mercenaries 2 petrol stunt
WildTangent CEO: PC business model is ‘f*cked’
Fils-Aime talks Wii storage, forgets a hard drive completely solves the problem
Hey San Francisco, go to The Force Unleashed launch party on September 15
Project Origin gets F.E.A.R. 2 tacked on to its name
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince delay confirmed, ships with film release
Reggie is ‘flattered’ by Microsoft’s ‘copying’
More Banjo-Kazooie could arrive, would ‘probably’ build upon Nuts & Bolts
D3 announces Puzzle Quest and more downloadable via PlayStation Store
German gamers take on politician who wants to ban ‘Killer Games’
Someone hit the wrong button on the press, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky delayed
Convicted child killer gets a free Wii for his troubles?
Former GameStop employee rants Yahtzee style
LittleBigPlanet manual is just as colorful as the game
EA’s Crysis Warhead PC priced, releasing next week
Shocker! Most people don’t like paying $60 for a new videogame

Plain Sight: New XNA game brings robot-on-robot ultra violence to the masses
Kill robots with subtraction in Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure for the DS

Rock Band 2 commercial gives first glimpse of optional drum cymbal add-ons
Hacked Xbox 360 chatpad and PSP allow for easier typing
Sexy PC shoot ’em up Soldner-X hits PSN next month
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine is coming, and its packing a chainsword
Now we’re cookin’: Nintendo mod Nintoaster
Anrufen Online heading to the iPhone and may have online play
Silent Hill goes retro: introducing Soundless Mountain II
If you wanted to know which Haruhi Wii game to buy, it’s been decided for you
Tales of Hearts gets a new trailer and exorbitant prices

C Blog Recap 09/08/08

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