The Daily Hotness: Delayed Assassin (09/09/08)

On one hand, I’m glad that Velvet Assassin has been delayed. It means more time to polish the game and it won’t get lost in the sea of triple A titles coming out this year. On the other hand, it means I have to wait even longer now for the game … unless you count the fact that I’ll be getting my hands on the game later this month for a preview. The blogging life, it’s so hard.

Tiff says farewell on Podtoid, we show you the characters of Pure, BioShock is going to have a 5GB install, the first two Monthly Musings get promoted and plenty more happened on Tuesday. 

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Podtoid 67: Paladintoid
RetRose Tinted: Streets of Rage 2
Billy Madison Game Debate to the Death! Donkey Kong Country VS Mortal Kombat II
Scraps: Good food is too easy to find (9/9/2008)

Destructoid exclusive: introducing the characters of Pure
A note to movie reviewers: Not all videogames are mindless entertainment!

Destructoid Reviews:
Zoids Assault
Spore Creatures

Halo Wars toys are like regular toys, but have green helmets: JOURNALISM!
Tecmo responds to Square Enix, doesn’t say very much
EA won’t back down from DRM fight: Sticking to its SecuROM guns with Red Alert 3
Midway accuses Xbox 360 of ‘lagging behind’ in Europe
DS and Wii launches in India, yes, launches! And I thought Europe had it bad
2008 is still the year of the PlayStation 3, promise!
Down with music, up with games at HMV
Silent Hill: Homecoming screens: I wish I was excited
GameStop: Wii to sell out for third holiday straight
PSP isn’t in the shadow of the DS Colossus, claims Sony
LittleBigPlanet: huge game, tiny billboards
Namco Bandai and Infogrames strike distribution deal
Duke Nukem movie in the works: Park your bricks in a theater near you!
Sucker Punch ‘excited’ by PSP, says PS3 not yet suitable for Sly Cooper
Koei talks about third party woes, promises PSP love at TGS
New Zelda game ‘something special?’ Pikmin 3 ‘going well?’ Miyamoto thinks so
Retail gets generous? Circuit City offers free MS points when you buy a 360
Yee haw: SingStar Country coming to PS2 this October
OPM is tossing out some Kratos action for LittleBigPlanet in the UK
Slant Six is confronting technical issues with the SOCOM: Confrontation beta
Film maker and game developer argue over tax breaks
Pirates of the Burning Sea gets a website facelift, also kittens involved
Velvet Assassin quietly fades into the 2009 shadows
PS3 version of BioShock has a near 5GB install
Bethesda removes the word ‘morphine’ from Fallout 3 universally
Blood drive used to promote new Dracula adventure game

Ensemble Studios closing its doors after Halo Wars

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop screens make me want to go to the mall

Wii Music: oh my Dog, also accordion
B-DASH gets the stop-motion Lego treatment
Introducing the wave of the future: The Pii
Would you kindly check out this BioShock PS3 new trailer and screenshots
The Last Remnant teaser trailer is a trailer that teases

Lord British is taking Stephen Colbert’s DNA into space
You just can’t escape celebrities: familiar faces in Spore
Crowbar finally shipped to prevent humanity’s destruction

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