The Daily Hotness: Dat ‘stache

With GDC shenanigans beginning to ramp up, naturally I’ve been guilted into covering The Daily Hotness for Hamza. After expressing my inability to come up with even the most vaguely entertaining of topics, I heard the words everyone wants to hear from their boss.

“Make it surreal. Have we explored a 70’s disco porn theme yet?”

Battlefield 3 was revealed with some stunning footage, Gaijin Games gobbled up Robotube Games, Gears of War 3 was dated for September, Epic teased next-gen Unreal Engine 3 tech (more meat cubes?), and other nonsense took place on 2/23/11.

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Gaming at night banned in Vietnam
Final Fantasy III iPhone will be a DS port, but better
Car Porn Forever: Gran Turismo 5 ships 6.37 million
Atlus and Sting make an SRPG called Gungnir
Free DLC cars for Test Drive Unlimited 2 following issues
Gears of War 3 hits worldwide on September 20
Four unannounced 3DS augmented reality games leaked
Epic to show next-gen content from Unreal Engine 3 at GDC
Final Fantasy IV’s Interlude chapter detailed
Gotta catch these Pokémon Black and White DSi bundles
There’s now over 600 classic games on Japan’s PSN
Dead Space 2: Severed sees the return of the Twitcher
Guerrilla to ‘aggressively’ tackle Killzone 3 hackers
Bulletstorm PC ‘an unfriendly mess’
PS3, PC get ‘Dead Money’ for Fallout: New Vegas
Academics tackle achievements in series of articles
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 demo coming March 8
Xbox Live Indie FortressCraft looks familiar
First in-game Skyrim trailer tomorrow, new wallpaper now
GOG sale: Psychonauts for $2.49
LA Noire gets surprisingly colorful box art
Duke Nukem Forever: Hail to the credits, baby
Sex sells: Catherine tops Japan’s sales charts
Second Super Smash Land demo doubles demake’s roster
Gaijin Games acquires Robotube Games
Get an early feel for Retro City Rampage’s controls

Man gives up sex with two women in order to play MvC3
Dyad playable at PAX East on a motorized arcade machine


First in-game footage of Battlefield 3 looks spectacular
Homefront viral video thinks Salt Lake City is a blast
Liked Prototype? You’ll love this Prototype 2 teaser
Yakuza 4’s demo trailer gets you pumped up

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