The Daily Hotness: Darkness II

Darkness II was announced! Yes! Honestly looking super forward to this one. I really enjoyed the original game. How about you?

Josh T. thinks the PSP2 will succeed, we checked out Bulletstorm, Miyamoto wanted a ton of Nintendogs games, Hudson closes US doors and more happened on 2/8/11.

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Community blogs of 2/8
Forum thread of the day: PAX East 2011

Win a PSP, Tactics Ogre: LUCT and Final Fantasy: WotL!

Preview: Dragon Age II
Hands-on: The first couple hours of Bulletstorm

Dark Souls info: 60-hour play time, no demo, more
Dungeons demo out now, worth a look
Treyarch: PS3 fans happy with Black Ops, bugs will happen
LG wants to ban PS3 sales in the US
Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia HD coming to Xbox 360
Love Plus arcade version hitting arcades this month
Game Informer is now the 5th largest magazine in the US
High Voltage: Preposterous to demand games sell a million
JP Xbox 360 title comes with a personal massager
Dead Space 2 patch will let disabled gamers play
Chinese ISP acquires majority stake in Riot Games
Dead Space 2 plasma cutter replica costs an arm and a leg
Study shows ‘online gamers are attractive individuals’
Miyamoto wanted fifteen versions of Nintendogs
Google homepage gets accelerometer control, goes deep
The Darkness II officially announced, with quad-wielding!
Play Tetris in real life with this badass wall art
Nintendo makes up for Kirby patch defect
PSN gets HD camcorder viewing application
Hudson closes its doors, all planned projects canceled
Congratulations, Bethesda
Psychologist: Videogames to blame for rape attacks
Free App of the Day: Scarlett and the Spark of Life
Guerrilla: Motion control will be in most FPS games
Prinny and Cave Story shenanigans are afoot
Here’s your Xbox Live Arcade House Party line-up

Torchlight on XBLA certainly looks familiar
Mighty Milky Way screens and facts revealed
New Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Screenshots Reveal Squidbear
Anarchy Reigns introduces us to the full crew

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