The Daily Hotness: Dad ‘n Me (09/26/08)

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I haven’t had a chance yet to listen to the latest RetroforceGO!, but I can say that Dad ‘n Me is another amazing game from the minds of Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp. 

Jonathan reviews Wario Land: Shake It!, Jim talks to the Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & bolts team, Kojima is done with the MGS series, get a tank when you pre-order Gears 2, the Mirror’s Edge messenger bag is expensive, and plenty more happened on Friday.  

Friday Regulars:
Indie Nation #33: Mega Man 7, the 8-bit version
The Week in Rock Band DLC: Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik
RetroforceGO! episode 61: Beat ’em ups
Friday Night Fights: Variety hour edition

Destructoid reviews:
Wario Land: Shake It

Destructoid interview:
Warhammer Online
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Kojima: Someone else make MGS5 … please
Mirror’s Edge bundle slightly less expensive than Dead Space limited edition
UPDATE: LittleBigPlanet coming earlier than expected?
Resident Evil 5 fun facts (they aren’t really fun)
Nintendo brains say that WiiMusic could be an educational tool
Rare won’t make Killer Instinct just to keep some die-hards happy
PlayStation Store Update: Epilepsy, Burnout, Mega Man and Rush
Missed the LittleBigPlanet beta code rush? Media Molecule says more are coming
Handhelds for a good cause: Limited Edition Pink Ribbon DS
Burnout is a ‘postage stamp’ compared to Fuel, claims Codemasters
Braid on Nintendo DS is unlikely, Souja Boy cries
Get all achievements in Duke Nukem XBLA, be rewarded with screenshots of Forever
Pics surface from Level-5 for The Another World (Ninokuni)
PlayStation Network Cards to be available in places other than gas stations
Don’t panic…yet: MTV Games say Rock Band 2 will be ‘fully featured’ on the Wii
Resident Evil remake for Wii probably not leaving Japan
Activision’s CEO thinks maybe music industry should pay them for music licenses
Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade a resounding success!
Left 4 Dead’s system specs have arrived
UK magazine Play call PS Home ‘boring’
Horror master Dario Argento lends voice to Dead Space
Getting to know the New Xbox Experience: Themes and the Friends Channel
Majority of LBP beta levels will be deleted upon release, my Sackboy is sad
Oh my God, we’re having a fire … sale: All Rockstar games half price on Steam
Surprise! UK publishers don’t like cheap games!
No online co-op in Fable 2 at launch, dog still a gripping plot device

Pre-order Gears of War 2 from Best Buy, get remote controlled tank

MS provides to-do list for Xbox Live downtime, Destructoid improves it

TYRA MAIL! America’s Next Top Model DS game revealed, former contestant reacts

Monster Lab: The Mad Science Alliance wants YOU!
New Mirror’s Edge trailer preps you to spend $130 on limited edition bundle
Introducing N-Warp Daisakusen: a brand new SNES game
Sega’s The Seventh Dragon launches official website and trailer
Man makes MGS rubber band gun, we’re left to marvel at his genius
Order of Ecclesia contains more bare flesh than most Castlevania games

Feel the Hatred: Chargin’ Chuck

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