The Daily Hotness: Crashing castles (07/28/08)

I am so happy that Castle Crashers has been given a release date. Oh sweet irony. I’ve been waiting for this game since last year’s PAX and it comes out the day I fly out to this year’s PAX.

HAWP takes a mid-season break, win a copy of Legend: Hand of God, some of Activision’s games are in trouble, some guy drives his boat with a Wiimote and plenty more happened on Monday. 

Monday Regulars:
New releases for the week of 07/28/08
Virtual releases for the week of July 28th: Frat parties must die edition
Scraps: Shark riding is fun! (7/28/08)
Monday Mind Teasers 07/28/08

Original Features:
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing: the mid-season break
The Podcastle re-opens for business: Recording on the morrow

Comic-Con 08:
Microsoft will ‘explore’ the Halo universe, not ‘exploit’ it

Win a copy of Legend: Hand of God and a mouse to play it with

PAX 2008:
Stop slacking: PAX 2008 pre-registration ends this Thursday

Star Trek Online to hit consoles as well
Ubisoft hopes Red Steel sequel won’t stink as much with WiiMotion Plus controls
You don’t need to brave sweaty crowds to see the Mirror’s Edge comic book
Pachter: Nintendo has not forgotten core gamers, but still is rich
PSN/XBLA demo of The Force Unleashed with ‘unique ending’ hits next month
Worst emulation video ever: Dreamcast Shenmue running on PSP
Castle Crashers, Braid, and other XBLA titles given release dates
Midway confirms Jax and more for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Get Comcast, and then get a Wii
Microsoft responds to concerns about quality of XNA Community Games
Alien Hominid an unlockable character in Castle Crashers
Madden 09 simulation shows Vikings have most to gain with Favre

Does Bionic Commando: ReArmed have a release date?
Future of Ghostbusters and Brutal Legend in question

When Unsolved Crimes hits the DS this fall, these crimes are so gonna get solved
LEGO Batman screens featuring Man-Bat

Trailers & Videos:
Ed Boon explains MK vs. DC Universe, gigantic Joker render invades our gallery
Telltale reveal episodic Wallace and Gromit games
The Need for Speed: Undercover teaser will make you think it’s a Hollywood movie

Man drives boat with Wii nunchuck

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