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A decent portion of the Destructoid community is gearing up for MAGfest this weekend, CES happens next week, and PAX East is just around the corner. I’m jealous of everybody going to those things, as I don’t have any plans to go to any shows until June. Anybody want to meet me at TetonCon?

It was a pretty quiet day here on Destructoid, but we still heard from the Podtoid crew on their latest episode, as well as Gordon Midwood on the most recent episode of Sup Holmes. Also, check out that trailer for Hundreds. Like many of the commenters, I wish that were on Android.

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Podtoid 234: The Foot Clan’s Poopy Ooze
Synesthesia explained with the lovely Gordon Midwood

Community blogs of 1/3
Forum thread of the day: Dwarf Fortress

Sony patents method of blocking used games from working
Connecticut town physically destroying violent videogames
Go play this cute Mega Man Legends inspired fan game
Nintendo Download: 1/3/13: New Years Unchained Edition
Joe Danger Touch is all set for iOS this month
Razer’s new Sabertooth controller has so many buttons
Demon’s Souls finally hits PlayStation Network next week
Trion Worlds opens sign-ups for Defiance beta
EPIX app releasing for PlayStation 3 and Vita this year
No more new content planned for Age of Empires Online

Radio the Universe is the first great Kickstarter of 2013
Revisit Jurassic Park in this Half-Life 2 mod
iOS puzzler Hundreds is as good as they say
Crimson Dragon demo accidentally released, recorded

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