The Daily Hotness: Complete global saturation!

Jim had a wonderful chat with D.C. Douglas, the voice behind Albert Wesker. I don’t know about you, but I read ever response by Mr. Douglas in his Wesker voice … POOR PERFORMANCE INDEED! 

Chad doesn’t want a Shadow of the Colossus movie, Nick reviewed Godfather II, the PS3 is the least used current gen system, UbiDays is cancelled which is a bummer for me since I’ve gone to it the last couple of years and plenty more happened on 04/09/09.

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Destructoid interview: Albert Wesker (aka D.C Douglas)
The Podcastle episode 32: Sheep on the Gaza strip
RetroforceGO! not recording this week: sadness, pandas, etc
Screw optimism: a Shadow of the Colossus movie is a BAD idea

Forum of the day: Office Quest: A forum adventure!
Community blogs of 04/09/09
Those About to Die: Random pedestrians

Godfather II

Godfather II space opens in Home, poker tournament tonight
Used Grand Theft Auto comes with free ecstasy tablets
Rumortoid: Borderlands now Cel-shaded? [Update]
Crytek announces Crysis Wars trial and Crysis mega bundle
‘Colossus’ film writer asks you to give the movie a chance
Galaga succesfully remixed, available on the App Store now
Nintendo: Wii is in ‘unhealthy condition’ in Japan
600,000 DSi units sold across US, Europe on launch weekend
Ubisoft finally announces Rabbids Go Home for the Wii
Christophe Gans not attached to Silent Hill 2 film
Nine Inch Nails: The Game would have been awesome
OutRun Online Arcade up on XBLA, Euro PSN next week
No UbiDays for Ubisoft this year, turns to E3, TGS instead
Buckets of LittleBigPlanet DLC coming your way
THQ hates Canada
Square Enix confirms release date for Bubble Bobble Plus!
Hold Activisions hand as it reveals Guitar Hero’s Smash Hits
Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition revealed
Just kidding: Wii not least used this gen, PlayStation 3 is
Gearbox responds to Borderlands cel-shading speculation
Killzone 2 sells 500K, has big DLC news tonight
See the Left 4 Dead box art that was ‘left for dead’
First info on Assassin’s Creed 2 glides on to the net
Rumortoid: Wet coming in October?
Families of U.S war dead complain about Six Days In Fallujah

Custom steampunk Damnation PC is obscenely awesome

Dungeon Raiders announced for DS, promises ‘crazy fun’
Blood Bowl gets Web site, still looks pretty cool
Koei’s Ni-OH resurfaces after four years
Cover artwork for EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis unveiled

New Plants vs Zombies trailer introduces the Zombie Temp
Midnight Club: Los Angeles ‘Vehicle’ pack hits April 16
New Zeno Clash trailer introduced the Corwids of the Free

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