The Daily Hotness: Chinatown Wars go

Wow. So I was totally not expecting to hear that GTA: Chinatown Wars would be getting ported over to the PSPgo this morning. From a business aspect, it totally makes sense. Does this mean that M rated games just can’t make it on the DS? 

Jim reviewed Fuel, Destructoid and HAWP are having panels at PAX 09, 2K Games might be working on a new Duke Nukem games, the Chrono Trigger drink will mess me up with one sip, flying is cooler than invisibility and plenty more happened on 06/22/09. 

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PAX 09:
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’ is coming to the Penny Arcade Expo

Whoosh: Mega64 premiering two brand new episodes at SDCC
Nintendo on tour! DSi Mobile Tour may be coming your way


Nintendo DLC: Boot-camp, mini-golf, puzzlers, more
Microsoft’s Avatar rules: No sex, no drink, no fisticuffs
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GTA: Chinatown Wars heading to PSPgo
Rumortoid: New Mass Effect DLC on the way?
Rumor: Rock Band Metal Track Pack is a very metal thing
Major Nelson: Next Xbox 360 dashboard will be faster
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, now 800 MS points
Garou, Droplitz hit Xbox LIVE Arcade this week
2K Games working on new Duke Nukem game?
Tony Hawk Ride board to support more games in the future
Media Molecule working on ‘groundbreaking’ new PS3 game
Bust-A-Move Live! coming to your 360? It’s highly likely
Rumor: Final Fantasy XIV may get beta in September
More Pearl Jam tracks coming to Rock Band this week
Gearbox: Bungie and Infinity Ward should do something new
Dear THQ: We covet your Darksiders cloth map
Prince of Persia available via Impulse for thirty bucks
Ubisoft: Copycat Wii titles ‘drown before existing’
Katamari Forever sound director on new score of remixes
Play 6-player Tetris over at Tetris Friends Online

Actor Shia La Beouf calls the Wii an ‘amateur console’
Chrono Trigger: the bar will give you some great drink ideas
Geek chic: Shirts, blankets and a really weird hat thingy


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IRL images of Black Wii and Blue Wii Remotes
So yeah, this is the official box art for Guitar Hero 5
Dark Void dev thinks flying is cooler than being invisible
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Peregrine looks friggin’ sweet
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