The Daily Hotness: Check out our rooms (8/28/08)

When Brad asked all of us to send in pictures of our rooms last week, I was all too happy to oblige. His timing was perfect, after all: I had just finished unpacking from my move and everything was in pristine order (as seen above). Since I have far more stuff then I do shelf space — and my shelves are rather deep — every row of videogames, anime, and books have another row of media crammed behind them.

Madden 09 gets reviewed, a teenager gets beaten up over a PlayStation 3, our crew at PAX sent word about how much fun they’re having, and plenty more happened at Destructoid today.

PAX 2008:
PAX 2008: Where to find us today
PAX 2008: Defense Grid: The Awakening, another tower-defense game, revealed
PAX 08: Seattle expo to host first public hands-on for Fallout 3
PAX 08: What media gets when they check in: A whole bag of … stuff

Japanator Contest: Win tickets to New York Anime Fest!
Show your ninja skills to win a DS Lite and N+

Destructoid review: Madden NFL 09


Life at home with some of the Modern Method staff

People not called Denis Dyack talk about Denis Dyack
Capcom fights lag for Street Fighter IV online
Itagaki thinks PS3 development is easy peasy lemon squeezy
Sony likes keeping things free: We like things being kept free, incidentally
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 announced
Get a Slurpee and a PSN card at the same time
Doctor blames videogames for lack of exercise, says funny British stuff
Wii has the most original IP, if you can call 20,000 minigames original
NFL Head Coach 09 Demo is available
Capcom owns the PSP: Monster Hunter takes three slots in the top five
Sony CEO talks Wii, says sales aren’t ‘hurting’ Sony
Blu-ray won’t give PS3 a long-term competitive edge, claims Olin
James Patterson calls casual games ‘sloppy’
Will Wright calls E3 a zombie, declares this year’s event ‘the walking dead’
For some reason THQ asks if you’re smarter than a fifth grader
Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball slated for release on Wii
Crytek thinks pirates would buy Crysis if they had to
PS3 BioShock content will probably be a timed exclusive
Six new albums revealed for Rock Band 2: RHCP, Megadeth, No Doubt, and more
Teen tastes brass knucks over a PlayStation 3
Social hackers using Microsoft customer service to gain access to accounts
Steam adds Oddworld, Impulse adds titles from 2K Games, Corel applications
Indiana Jones reappears on handhelds, a part of me dies
EA complains about second-hand games, tries to curb them
PlayStation Store update: Run in fear of zombies, for The Last Guy is here
Team ICO’s new game to be revealed ‘soon’
Spore ad campaign invades Boston’s Harvard Square subway
Totally metal: Rock Band 2 opening cinematic features a flail on a microphone

Rumortoid: No GTA IV DLC this year after all?

Trailers & Videos:
Japanese students in Hiroshima panty-flash shenanigans
Sonic takes on a monkey in new Samba De Amigo trailer

Saihai no Yukue screenshots want to Saihai your Yukue
More X-Blades screens, still less clothing than is sensible
Ninjatown screens: More ninja and towns than you can handle!
The lovely ladies of Comiket 74

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