The Daily Hotness: Chatroulette love song

I’m not sure if it’s sad or awesome how much planning went into this whole thing. First off, they had to actually write and compose the song itself, then arrange the set and how the camera would move around in it. Not to mention the many people they went through to find someone not having their way with themselves and would actually put up with him singing long enough to see the whole thing. Simply amazing. Or sad. I’m still not sure.

Quantic Dream CEO whines about used games, Team Meat probably will not work with Microsoft again, GameStop is going to sell its own Android-based gaming tablet and many more things happened on 8/12/11.

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Quantic CEO whines that used games cost him millions
Team Meat probably won’t work with Microsoft ever again
Gears of War 3 to get 20,000+ launch events worldwide
Playable vampires confirmed for Skyrim
Deus Ex: Human Revolution bound for Mac this winter
After 5 years, FF Versus XIII is now in full development
Trenched to get free survival mode, name change in US
Black Ops’ Rezurrection does PC and PS3 on September 22
Free-to-play MOBA title Rise of Immortals is out now
Free App of the Day: ElectroMaster
GameStop to sell its own Android-based gaming tablet
EA offering refunds for the PC version of PGA Tour 12

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Talking to Women about Videogames: 3DS 2nd nub panic
Super Mario World low-score run is a shockingly fun watch

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Saints Row: The Third goes virtual in new trailer
Rich Knuckles talks co-op in Serious Sam: BFE
Theatrhythm looks like the best Final Fantasy in years
Super Monkey Ball confirmed for PlayStation Vita
Get better acquainted with Leon Chameleon in Awesomenauts
Todd Howard takes you through Skyrim in 20 min demo
Griefing is a feature in Cabela’s Adventure Camp
Samurais rise in latest Total War: Shogun 2 trailer
Nintendo’s 3DS press conference is live, watch it here!

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