The Daily Hotness: Catching up

So Destructoid was down for a couple of days. It sucked. But, we’re back in action now! Today’s recap takes in every post from Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today. Yup, lots of recapping today.

Check out all of the VGA reveals, what do you want to see in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, check out our first two game of the year nominees, Anthony reviewed Monkey Island: Chapter 5, there’s plenty of contests still open and a ton more stuff happened the past few days. So much, that I had to create a jump as this list is too long!

Destructoid Originals:
The Videogame Show What I’ve Done: Kane & Lynch
The VGAs: Tribute to gaming or exercise in self-loathing?
5 tips for enjoying Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Weekend Destructainment: The TV Show
Live blog: Spike Video Game Awards 2009
Spike Video Game Awards winner, reveal wrap-up
Best of the Network this week
HAWPcast: no resettin’
What we want to see in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2
Is this thing on? Yes, Destructoid’s back!
The 1st nominee for Destructoid Game of the Year 2009
Arts & Crafts with Heavy Rain’s ‘Origami Killer’
Podtoid 129 records tonight, listen to 128.5 while waitin
The 2nd nominee for Destructoid Game of the Year 2009
New releases: Konami Classics, Alien Breed and more
Why glitching in Modern Warfare 2 IS Sony’s problem


Final Fantasy VI’s ‘Dancing Mad’, a critical analysis
A Retrospective of Pro Wrestling Games From the Perspective of a Pro Wrestler
Love/Hate: Shark jumping videogame writers


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories video review is late
Review: Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 5
Review: Gratuitous Space Battles

Taking it out to the OK Corral with Lead and Gold

Contest: Win the collector’s edition of Aion for PC
Contest: Win Naruto 3 for the Wii, toys and shirts!
Show us your dark side and win Resident Evil: DC
Contest extensions! Win Naruto 3 and Aion
Contest: Win signed Lost Winds art and a copy of the game

Celebrate New Year’s with Bayonetta and Playboy

News, offbeat content and media after the break.

The P-Wing was a forerunner for the Super Guide
Christmas treat coming to Demon’s Souls
BlazBlue coming to DSiWare, involves big heads
New Mega Man 10 info- Release date, boss reveal, and more
Team Fortress 2 War Report: Day 2
Green Day: Rock Band appears to be a thing (Update)
Learn to talk to girls by playing your 360
New True Crime announced, no sign of zombies, dragons
Court stops Bethesda from blocking Interplay Fallout
Heavy Rain might be supported with DLC
Left 4 Dead 2 DLC features Bill, Zoey, Louis and Francis!
Dragon Age: Origins coming to the Mac soon
EA puts a little Dead Space in Dante’s Inferno
Check out the Splinter Cell: Conviction special edition
Shadow of the Colossus getting a nifty reprint