The Daily Hotness: Cat vs Metronome

This cat made my night.

Dead Island is not offensive, Tony takes a look at Regular Show, The Blocks Cometh is now out, I previewed Jurassic Park: The Game, King’s Quest is coming back, there’s some dirty stuff happening with Two Worlds II reviews and more happened on 2/18/11.

Destructoid Originals:
Operation Flashpoint: RR trailer and exclusive screens
Dead Island … offensive?
Regular Show, representing the retro gamer
Friday Night Fights: IT’S MAHVEL BABY!
Destructoid: Phil Spector’s Jurassic Zombie Duckstorm
Live show: Mash Tactics plays community picks
Live Show: Backlog ends Mushroom Men, offers prizes

Groundhog Day: Wave upon wave, this is my ocean

The Blocks Cometh hath come, wineth a free code!
Contest: This prize pack is worth $1,700!

Jurassic Park is like Heavy Rain, but with dinosaurs

Sony: Console-exclusive games bad, exclusive content good
Do you have AT&T and have PlayStation Network issues?
Tokyo Game Show 2011 is set for Sept 15-18
Sega’s Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition: 46 games!
Persona 2 PSP gets quests modes from a theater?
7-Eleven now selling Killzone 3 BATTLE FUEL!
Former RedOctane CEO: Activision abused Guitar Hero
F*ck yeah! A 3DS fishing game from Natsume
Magicka soundtrack now a free download
Black Ops extras unlocked for the long weekend
PCGA: PC game piracy is declining
Pre-orders begin for Kotobukiya’s Ikaruga model
Crysis 2 will ‘probably’ get a PS3 demo, DLC
Report: Killzone 3 sends you greetings from a Dutch dump
Some more info on Telltales and DC’s Fables
Telltale rebooting King’s Quest franchise!
Topware blacklisting reviews that criticize Two Worlds II
Well, yeah: Danger Close is doing another Medal of Honor
Rock Band DLC: Pat Benatar track pack
Steam sales: Hitman, Civilization, and more

Fan-made Minecraft: The Last Minecart is remarkable

Minecraft ad takes a chunk out of a gangsta’s head
Telltale’s The Walking Dead hitting every platform
Puzzle Agent 2 revealed, Puzzle Agent 1 hitting PSN
Telltale wants you the embrace the digital future
inFAMOUS 2 out June 7, preorder, Hero Edition detailed
Farewell video concludes the Bizarre Creations legacy
Valve’s Gabe Newell talks sales, experimentation

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