The Daily Hotness: Captain America

The Captain America movie looks like it’s going to be so good. So so so good. Can’t wait!

Our IRC channel has moved, Nick reviewed Child of Eden, Twisted Pixel is working on an iOS game, Marathon is coming to the iPad for free and more happened on 6/28/11.

Destructoid Original:
The Unofficial Destructoid IRC has moved to Quakenet
Podtoid 156 records later today!
Live show: Mash Tactics plays Uncharted 3 Beta
Respectfully not buying Resident Evil: The Mercs 3D
Live Show: Backlog be playing with its Pikminz

Community blogs of 6/28
Forum thread of the day: PAX 2011

Contest: Win the new Marvel Pinball Captain America table
Claim your Journey beta code before it’s too late!
See and then win this Earth Defense Force survival kit

Review: Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
Review: Child of Eden

PAX Prime: Guests, exhibitors and keynotes announced

Japan gets PSP value packs this summer
Stringer: Sony was attacked for protecting its content
Call of Duty: Black Ops: Free First Strike token offer
GameStop NOT doing used copies of Resi Mercs 3D (Update)
Xbox 360 sold twice as many online games as PS3 in 2010
Did Microsoft pay for Vesperia 360 exclusivity? Maaaaybe!
BioShock Infinite sweeps Game Critics E3 2011 Awards
F.E.A.R 3 online passes screwed up for PS3 version
WarDevil studio terminated, game possibly canceled again
Twisted Pixel is working on an iOS game
Commodore 64 and Amiga resurrected as high-end PCs
Deadly Premonition coming to Games on Demand
Bungie’s Marathon coming to iPad for free
GameStop’s pre-order bonuses for No More Heroes: Paradise
Molyneux: Fable: The Journey demo was only 4 months old
Call of Duty: Black Ops is UK’s biggest selling game ever
Xbox Live deals: Hard Corps, Comic Jumper, Lara Croft
Gamers ‘Amazon bomb’ Resi Mercs 3D user reviews
I Am Alive rating reminds us that the game is coming
World of Warcraft is now free until you hit level 20

Boulder Dash XL hitting Xbox Live Arcade July 13th
Two new Devil Survivor 2 videos show gameplay, art
At least HEAR Xenoblade in English
First footage of free-to-play Tribes: Ascend
Mortal Kombat’s Kenshi is almost ready for download
Silent Hill: Revelation movie set stills are not scary

Hamza Aziz