The Daily Hotness: Bomberman, ducks, and ice cream equals crazy delicious

So Tuesday was pretty awesome to say the least. Ashely Davis joins the editorial team, bringing with her magnificent features, awesome arts and ducks. Then, to top it all off, Mr. Destructoid is appearing in Bomberman Ultra for the PS3. Can this week get any better?

Tron talks about some fantastically underpowered protagonists, Elevator Action is back, Mercs 2 gets cheats, Nintendo is going to announce something this week, and plenty more stuff happened on 09/30/08. 

Tuesday Regulars:
RetRose Tinted: The Chaos Engine
Podtoid 70: Ice Cream
Games time forgot: Virtual Boy Wario Land
Game Debate to the Death! Silent Hill VS Tomb Raider

The Podcastle episode 20: Podcastle Live II
Are Mega Man games all work and no play?
Born to die: Ten fantastically underpowered videogame protagonists
KABOOM! Mr. Destructoid is a playable character in the new PS3 Bomberman Ultra

Destructoid reviews:
Lock’s Quest

TGS 08:
Sony: 14 unannounced titles at TGS, and LittleBigPlanet … duh
Konami’s TGS line-up looks vaguely familiar …

Details revealed on Wal-Mart-exclusive AC/DC Rock Band tie-in
Sony loves risk, brisk, lobster bisque
Not brains, but something to chew on: Left 4 Dead demo details
Purchase Gears of War 2, get code to download five maps from Gears 1
No Mirror’s Edge demo until November?
Peggle to go mobile, batteries to die mid-call
It’s like 1992 in 2008! Sega Genesis game scheduled for release this Christmas
Mortal Kombat: Kollection krashes to retail, kontains three Kombats
Forbes asks if hardcore gamers still matter
Elevator Action returns to arcades … as a light gun game!
ROCK! National Geographic Panda DS comes with bonus DVD
Cheats, more playable characters, and cross-region co-op headed to Mercs 2
Bleszinski isn’t exactly the biggest fan of the PlayStation controller
Fable 2 artist calls consumers ‘visually illiterate,’ also Fable 2 looks good
EA: There is “no replacement” for board games
Get your ads out of my Guitar Hero: World Tour
Brett Ratner to direct God of War movie
Money can’t buy you “Love,” cause it’s free now

PlayStation 4 specs revealed?
Uncharted 2 in the works?
Nintendo to announce a game ‘everyone is waiting for’ this week
Could Sony’s MAG be pay-to-play?

Rise of the Arse n’ Norks: When games and lad mags unite
Fist of the North Star brawler heads to PSP
Winds of Nostalgio screens: Witty headline about nostalgia
Luminous Arc 2’s Villians detailed, also Destructobots!
Are you smart enough for TV Show King Party on the Wii? [Update]
Pig ball alert! Marble Saga: Kororinpa to hit the Wii next spring
Real Soccer 2009 is a terribly uncreative name for a videogame
These new Demigod screens are the definition of epic

Quantum of Solace behind the scenes: Environments

Hamza Aziz