The Daily Hotness: BioShocking forum posts can’t be trusted

*Sigh* I have a god-awful f*cking memory.

Yet again, I forgot to do a recap of Friday’s posts. I’m usually not this forgetful, but I’m just going to go ahead and blame my severe depression at the fact that I’m not celebrating down in Miami with the Dtoid staff. Ugh. You’ll get Friday’s posts below; as usual, today’s and tomorrow’s posts will be gathered together for Sunday night’s Weekend Hotness. [Editor’s note: This post originally went up on Saturday night, but then I just moved it back because of the live streams of the three-year anniversary parties. –Samit]

Remember the “Xbox Pure” bullsh*t from last year — specifically, how some sites got burned by a Cheap Ass Gamer forumite’s creativity? The same thing happened yesterday with a NeoGAF post regarding BioShock 2 details that were supposedly “leaked” from the upcoming April issue of Game Informer.

As it turned out, the Internet got hosed … again, and many sites (including this one) had to update their posts with retractions. Anytime rumors are quickly debunked like this, it’s an unfortunate situation, but of course, readers always want to be up on the latest gossip.

There’s this constant race to be FIRST! with news on the net, and I think it’s really a shame, since that often gets in the way of, y’know, fact-checking and all that journalistic stuff. What’s the solution? [This isn’t meant as a shot at Jim or any other person/site in particular. I just wanted to provide a thinking point. For more, see NihonTiger90’s c-blog.]

Oh, right, stuff happened yesterday. Let’s see … Brad Nicholson previewed Guitar Hero: Metallica; we learned that Harmonix is finally answering our cries of “We want the funk!”; Colette interviewed the lead designer of WayForward’s new A Boy and His Blob game; and other posts were posted on Destructoid on 03/13/09.

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