The Daily Hotness: Beyond HD

Ubisoft is bringing Beyond Good & Evil to the PSN and XBLA in HD! Happy? Excited? Scared? Tell us!

Samit reviewed NHL 11, Holmes checked out Outland, win Halo: Reach Legendary Edition, DmC to use the Unreal Engine and more happened on 09/30/10.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent
NHL 11

Ubisoft announces Beyond Good and Evil HD
Latest Fallout: New Vegas dev diary is about art
Knives Chau announced for Scott Pilgrim: The Game
Hands-on with the ‘Viewtiful Joe shmup’ Zeit2
Hands-on with the platforming bullet-hell of Outland

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We’re giving away three Legendary Editions of Halo: Reach
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Nintendo admits third party Wii sales are poor
Capcom: Resident Evil 3DS will make you ‘too scared’
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock disc-read-errors
Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds comes to Sydney
You are to blame for the price of the 3DS
Assassin’s Creed Facebook game interacts with Brotherhood
Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection coming to UK
Medal of Honor breaks pre-sell records, open beta coming
DmC to use Unreal Engine
Team Fortress 2’s Mann-Conomy update
Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage launches November 2
Gaming Heads’ latest Valve statue: The Headcrab Zombie
Nintendo’s stock drops 10% after 3DS dating
What? Why? Microsoft could buy Second Life devs
MAG 2.0 with PlayStation Move support is good to go
Batman: Arkham City lets you interrogate thugs
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair gets a pyramid map add-on


Street Fighter IV 3DS goes over-the-shoulder
Activision announces NASCAR The Game 2011
Kinect video chat works with Windows Live Messenger
Help yourself to some new Sonic 4 screenshots
Beyond Good & Evil HD screenshots look hot hot hot
Red Dead’s ‘Undead Nightmares’ trailer frightens, excites
An ominous trailer for Left 4 Dead’s ‘The Sacrifice’
Stare deeply into these Outland screenshots

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