The Daily Hotness: Barf!

We’re giving away some Critter Cruncher goodness and all you have to do to win the prizes is take pictures of yourself barfing. Find out the full details here

We reviewed Thexder Neo, Ben checked out LEGO Universe, we’re giving away a PS3, CES expands its gaming showcase, the Bayonetta posters are totally hot, Modern Warfare 2 gets a third-person view, a new BioShock 2 trailer was released and more wicked awesome stuff happened on 10/26/09.

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Community blogs of 10/26/09
Forum of the day: Why does everybody hate gamestop?

Thexder Neo

Brick by brick in a whole new world: LEGO Universe

Barf to win Critter Crunch codes, shirts & art!
Win a new PS3 courtesy of FEARnet!

2010 CES Gaming Showcase to grow 50 percent


I wanna be the kitty: Monster Hunter Diary for PSP
Assassin’s Creed 2 Achievements/Trophies possibly leaked
Netflix Instant Watch coming to PS3 in November
Champions Online ‘Blood Moon’ weekend to be free-to-play
Guitar Hero: First videogame with 1 mil Facebook fans
Analyst: DJ Hero demand is well below expectations
Craig Peck reveals that GoldenEye is coming to the Wii
UK Charts: Football is blatantly better than football
Free LittleBigPlanet pumpkin costume back for the holiday
Man kills his son over a missing videogame (facepalm)
Bayonetta posters get totally naked
Fable II Pub Games is the latest Deal of the Week
On XBLA this week: Inferno Pool and Rainbow Islands
New DSi with bigger screen to hit Japan this year
Gearbox and Rebellion have friendly Aliens rivalry
Persona 3 Portable page update: Wallpaper, video, Yukiko!
Soundtrack for Just Dance fails to live up to its name
Required discs for Netflix PS3 streaming are temporary
Borderlands trade system may change if people want it to
Blow looking for programmer for motion tracking work

Make your own SNES game for $120

Rumor: Modern Warfare 2 gets third-person (Update)
Hot new Final Fantasy XIII screens for you to glare at
Nintendo DLC Update: Ghosts and pirates
Spelunker sells us on 3D Dot Game Heroes
Remember turbo buttons? Get some for your Xbox 360
First look at Excitebike World Rally for WiiWare
BioShock 2 gets brand new trailer, looks amazing
This LEGO Rock Band trailer has fake Tom Petty in it
There’s Castlevania Rebirth footage somewhere in here
First Left 4 Dead 2 spot stars zombies and a baseball bat
Rockstar takes on anime in ‘Ballad of Gay Tony’ episode
A sliver of Matt Hazard: Blood Bath & Beyond footage
Like forts, zombies? This Fort Zombie trailer is for you
Modern Warfare 2 will have a third-person mode

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