The Daily Hotness: Bananas

I don’t know what’s more impressive: driving on public roads in a go-kart or throwing bananas at the traffic. Actually, none of that compares to what happens at the very end. 

Dale reviews Persona 4, show us your ugly sweaters to win Shaun White Snowboarding, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a videogame, happy Ninja Day, and plenty more happened on 12/05/08.

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Scraps: I suffer for you (12/05/2008)

Persona 4

Pink Godzilla announces Pinkapalooza 2! 

Show us your ugly-ass sweaters for Shaun White Snowboarding on Xbox 360

MGS 4 coming to 360 … maybe … or not, who the hell knows anymore?
Namco Bandai launches Surge label to efficiently nickel n’ dime the West
Limited multiplayer for Live Silver users until end of year
Fake DS Lites causing Christmas panic
Midway could face bankruptcy in fifty days
Killzone 2 finally gets a release date
LBP skins coming to Lumines Supernova in Japan
Japan: PSP has 5 of top ten titles, number 2 in hardware
Take-Two CEO ‘encouraged’ by Black Friday sales
Kids hang kitten with videogame controller, sherrif accuses GTA of rape
Casual gaming site officially launched
Netflix streaming experiencing issues with picture quality
LIPS goes politically correct with its ‘Holiday Music’ songs
Atlus lays a subtle smackdown on ESRB leaks
Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition detailed
Sigourney Weaver didn’t want to be a part of Aliens game, also not a nun

Exit 2 coming to XBLA

Grogger flash game encourages Aussies to think when they drink
Now you’re playing with power: NES controller bong

EA Sports bringing back big head mode in 3 on 3 NHL Arcade
Duke Togo gets a Hot Toys makeover: presenting Golgo13

The Godfather 2’s ‘Keys to Success’
Boob physics comes to PSP, will totally reinvigorate system
Someone had to do it: Mario Kart IRL
The art of Mushroom Men video
The new Japanese Let’s Tap commercials are so happy
Small child prepared for zombie apocalypse, gets help from Left 4 Dead
Announcing Trine: Panting and drooling is not unreasonable
Watch the Blood Ravens kick Ork ass in this Dawn of War II trailer
Latest Red Faction: Guerilla trailer reveals story and large robots

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