The Daily Hotness: Bad haircuts (09/17/08)

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Why is it that every time someone envisions the future, people have dumb haircuts?

Jonathan Holmes tells Nintendo how to make it up to their core audience, Nick previews a bunch of Konami games, Peter Moore has been saying a lot of things this week, renting a purse will get you a free DS, and plenty more happened on Wednesday. 

Wednesday Regulars:

Scraps: All revved up and no place to go (9/17/2008)

Five easy ways Nintendo of America can start making up with their core audience

Destructoid Review:
Dead Space: Downfall
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

Konami NYC Media Day: Castlevania Judgment is not a fighting game … OK, it is
Konami NYC Media Day: Hands-on with the Xbox 360 version of Rock Revolution
Konami NYC Media Day: Elebits made slaves in The Adventures of Kai and Zero
First Jimpressions: Dead Space
Konami NYC Media Day: Hands-on with the busty nurses of Silent Hill: Homecoming

Guitar Hero DLC subscription fees? Activision is up for ’em
Far Cry 2’s achievements encourage you to make friends
Nintendo holding conference on October 2, might announce something interesting
Moore: ‘ I think the industry had past [sic] Rare by’
Guitar Hero World Tour’s ‘secret instrument’ is a PC
Tatsunoko VS Capcom confirmed for Wii
360 version of Rage will not be ‘altered’ despite having two discs
PS3 gets a CoD4 Double XP Week
Peggle 2: Peggle Nights is out!
Is Marvel teasing a new Punisher videogame?
Homebrew makes the DS a professional photography tool
Age of Conan director leaves Funcom, Anarchy Online director given the reins
LittleBigBeta is coming soon … in Japan
Atlus offers pre-order goodies for Persona 4, Eternal Poison and Luminous Arc 2
Moore: being able to store things locally killed the Xbox
Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor scans and fresh information
Wal-Mart memo pretty much confirms AC/DC’s ‘Live at Donington’ for Rock Band

Google Overlords looking to buy Valve (Update)
Activision working on Jimi Hendrix-centric Guitar Hero game?

Nintendo is weird: rent a designer purse and get a DS for 30 days

Rambo to hit Japanese arcades this month
Mines of Moria screenshots show off two new character classes

Holy Poo Snakes! Ignition to publish Blue Dragon Plus DS in the US and EU
Geon coming to Wii

C Blogs of 09/17/08
Feel the Hatred: The Quick Time Event

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