The Daily Hotness: Atlus gives us a Persona day

Atlus always knows just what to say. For example, knowing I was feeling blue today, it decided to announce a whole slew of Persona-related news for me to giddily squeal over. I don’t mind that I just bought a new copy of Persona 4, which I’ve yet to play, for $50. Or that I’m 80 hours into Persona 3 and still not finished, despite buying the game several years ago. I’m going to keep buying Atlus products and be happy. Oh, and one more reason to buy a Vita.    

The Dtoid Show helps to wrap up PAX, Jonathan Holmes tells fighting fans what’s what in a salient editorial, a bunch of previews went live, and more happened on 8/30/2011.  

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Portal 2 sold better on PC than Xbox 360 or PS3
GameStop ‘sorry’ for Deus Ex:HR removal, still doing it
THQ bringing WWE All Stars to Nintendo 3DS
Redhead FemShep winning Mass Effect 3 box art vote
EA tweaks Origin EULA, makes it sound less like spyware
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Finally: Radiant Silvergun on XBLA September 14
Bayonetta dev hints at sequel reveal this week
New Kinect bundle with Child of Eden incoming
Persona 4 PS Vita and Persona fighting game announced


Fan band makes catchy League of Legends-themed songs

Freshly baked Counter-Strike: Global Offensive screens!
PS3 drops ‘It only does everything’ for ‘long live play’
The Haunted: Hell’s Reach hits PC this October
Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure announced for 3DS
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection launch trailer is gory
Have more Sherlock Holmes screenshots
Rockin’ Android brings Japanese shmups to Steam
Pikmin 2 has unused music: It is my new jam
QA tester sues Take-Two over poor working conditions

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