The Daily Hotness: APRIL FOOLS!

April Fools makes for a very fun day in the industry and all across the Internets. Some of the jokes were pretty good; some, not so much. What was your favorite joke from April Fools this year, videogame-related or not?

Nick talks to Volition about Red Faction, Ghostbusters is coming to the PSP, the original Silent Hill is being remade for the Wii, a new Jak & Daxter was announced, The Saboteur‘s Web site was launched and plenty more happened on 04/01/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Talking Red Faction and blowing s**t up with Volition

Community Blogs of 04/01/09
Forum of the day: Show your mad skills, fellow Graphic Designers and Artists!

April Fools!:
Floss the pharaoh: Egyptian Dental Fair comes to Nintendo DS
360 Oblivion content half off, ‘Horse Armor’ more expensive
BREAKING: Hidden tomb discovered in Egypt
BREAKING: Digging in Egypt complete, tomb to be opened today
Destructoid Contest: Win a copy of Egyptian Dental Fair!
Fake Watch: On-going April Fool’s 2009 hoax list
Thinkgeek debuts fully functional Portal t-shirts
BREAKING: Liveblogging the opening of Tutan-Ramen’s tomb
Red Faction: Guerrilla Ostrich Hammer isn’t real, should be
Atlus tragedy! Raiho plushies stolen by pirates
Forget Zeno Clash – ACE Team releases an awesome new game
I-Mockery presents Tetris: Online Charity Edition
Wii Fit knows you’re sensitive about your weight, cares not
An 8-bit version of Dark Void? I would buy this thing!

Win a $50 cash money gift certificate tonight

A racket indeed: Tons of Godfather II DLC announced
Retail art reveals first tracks from Rock Band Unplugged
Sega brings the fever with Puyo Puyo 7
Reggie: Used games are bad for customers
PS2 version of Ghostbusters getting ported to PSP
Rock Band/Star Trek promotion is not an April Fools’ joke
tri-Ace working on new RPG called … ‘new RPG’
Tons of new Final Fantasy XIII details pop up
Forget shooting games, it’s the driving ones that’ll get you
Sony expresses doubt about OnLive gaming service
inFamous music score revealed: Amon Tobin confirmed
Rumortoid: Lord of the Rings Online headed to Xbox 360
Get PSP imports through Hong Kong’s PlayStation Store
Twisted Pixel explodes things with new IP, ‘Splosion Man
LittleBigPlanet has a large amount of user-generated levels

Breaking: Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier announced
Have some new Scratch: The Ultimate DJ screens
We know almost nothing about Frictional Games’ ‘Unknown’
No April Fool: Silent Hill Wii, titled Shattered Memories
‘The’ added to Pandemic’s The Saboteur, site launched

PSN, WiiWare title Explodemon! looks explosively awesome
Dragon Age has zombies, new screens prove it (Update)
Let’s Hitchhike for WiiWare possibly most amazing game ever

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