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Aliens: Colonial Marines is really a thing! The game will be revealed to us all at E3 next week. Here’s a teaser in the mean time.

We brought you a exclusive first look at The War of the Worlds, Holmes looked at what games we can expect on the Project Cafe, Death is your main character in Darksiders II, we got a first look at StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and more happened on 6/1/11.

Destructoid Original:
Okay, we get it: Aliens: Colonial Marines will be at E3
Exclusive first look: The War of the Worlds (XBLA, PSN)
Interview: Codemaster’s Bodycount returns from obscurity
Let’s talk about the games that may come to Project Cafe
Podtoid 153: Project Cafe Is A Rubber Ass
Live show: Mash Tactics plays Naughty Bear
New Destructoid Episode: War of the Colonial Vita Marines
Live Show: Ratchet & Clank continues on Backlog!

E3 News and Media:
Star Wars Kinect E3 trailer has R2-D2 backstage
Sony E3 press conference and booth in PlayStation Home
E3: Web site source code seemingly confirms PS Vita name
E3: Sony ready to reveal another Syphon Filter?
E3: ‘This ends now’ in new Deus Ex: Human Revolution clip
E3: Natsume’s line-up announced
E3: Majesco details line-up, includes Hogan, Rayne

Community blogs of 6/1/11
Forum thread of the day: E3 2011 Rumors, Hopes, Dreams, and Discussion
E3 Approaches: My (mostly) reasonable E3 2011 wishlist

Last call! Win two passes to E3 2011 and Nyko gear!

Beleram enters the fray in LOTR: War in the North
Bubble Bobble on drugs: Deepak Fights Robots
Preview: Choplifter HD

Japanese survey points to high price for slow 3DS sales
Nintendo dubs June 25 ‘StreetPass Day’
Carmageddon: Reincarnation announced
Parasitus coming to Xbox Live Indie Games
Darksiders II, BITCH!
Square Enix announces a 20-disc Mana soundtrack set
La-Mulana dated for Japan, PS3 teased
First 3D mobile games on HTC EVO 3D
Google takes down another Android emulator maker
Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype preview in Nintendo Power
Almost done, guys? PlayStation maintenance today
Top Cow’s Hunter-Killer getting the XBLA/PSN treatment
Sega Studios Australia opens, is working on new title
Call of Duty: Elite members get access to web TV series
New Magicka DLC goes to help Glorious Japa- I mean Nippon
UK to get Ubisoft 3DS bundles
Will Mass Effect 3 use Kinect on Xbox 360?
Cosplay calendar to aid Japanese relief efforts

New NES homebrew game Super Bat Puncher appears

Aliens: Colonial Marines confirmed for E3, spring 2012
THQ reboots its wrestling franchise with WWE ’12
Go nuts in Fluffy: Operation Overkill
Banelings! StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm trailer
An overview of L.A. Noire’s Rockstar Pass
Jam on these Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D EX costumes

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