The Daily Hotness: Alien Terminator babies

Could you just imagine some Alien-Terminator hybrid? It would be so stupid … yet really really really awesome too.

Ben brought you more PSP previews, the team is in Tokyo for TGS, we found out some things about Lucidity, BlipFest hits New York this December, a Sega doc full of secrets got leaked and more wicked stuff happened on 09/22/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Aliens vs. Predator will have slit throats, gouged heads
Crack in Time’s Crank-recording mechanic could give Portal a run for its money
LucasArts tells us about Lucidity’s unique look
Podtoid 117 will be about…something
Rebellion: Multiple Alien games in development ‘terrific’
Sony: The key to an all-digital device is education
Lucidity’s art and music inspired each other
Rebellion: An Alien couldn’t germinate in a Terminator
Game SERIES Debate to the Death!Smash Bros VS Mario Party

TGS 09:
Resonance of Fate gets a trailer
I think we’re going to get swine flu
Left 4 Dead 2 demo coming October 27


The Forgotten: Real life
Community blogs of 09/22/09
Forum of the day: What classic games do you want to see on PSN/XBLA?

When less is more: impressions of Morsel’s Kaleidoscope
Tetris for PSP Minis
Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake
LittleBigPlanet PSP
Half Minute Hero

The winners of the IL-2 Sturmovik contest!
Contest: Win Champions Online by being semi-heroic

BlipFest storming New York again this December
Professor Layton traveling America, giving free stuff
Silent Hill haunted maze opens this October

Joy Ride to ‘debut’ free-to-play model on Xbox LIVE
1 vs. 100 downloaded a lot, Xbox Live Arcade a success
Microsoft to release a two-tone controller in October
Leaked Sega doc discusses PS2 & Dreamcast on PS3
Mega Man 9 turns 1, Capcom to tell us something fun
Activision denies that the music game genre is shrinking
Wanna know what a dog would look like in Team Fortress 2?
Aion: NCSoft to whip out a ‘major update’ every year
Buy Xbox 360 Elite, get $50 rebate
Latest Wolfenstein pulled from German store shelves
Bethesda: Halo 3: ODST backlash is Microsoft’s fault
LucasArts talks Lucidity’s controls, concept
Itagaki: Be an Earthling first and a Japanese second
Oh God: New Resident Evil movie plot revealed
Three more games added to ‘XBLA Hits’ line-up
Left 4 Dead update adds Achievements, improved HUD
Deadly zeppelins and Doctor Who: Nivel21’s Rotor’scope
Halo 3: ODST gets free Premium Theme for limited time

Cops play Wii Bowling while on drug bust
This replica Fallout rifle is jaw-droppingly cool

Behold, the coming of a giant: Zombie Panic in Wonderland
RunMan: Race Around the World dated and trailerized
Mad Catz to unleash more Street Fighter IV controllers

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