The Daily Hotness: A gaming blog post about cake that’s relevant? Believe it!

What’s up with the headline and header pic, you ask? Why, Naia and Zero Atma are getting married tomorrow, of course! From all of your friends here at Destructoid, we hope you have an amazing wedding. Seriously, nothing less than amazing will suffice. Have fun on the big day, you two!

Ashley reviewed one of the best platformers ever, Kirby Super Star Ultra; Pikmin 3 is still being made (thank God!); the Resident Evil series says the hard goodbye to its typewriter save system; and plenty more happened on 10/03/08.

Save children’s lives, destroy Jim Sterling’s voice:
Destructoid joins Extra Life, presents The SingSterling Challenge

Friday Regulars:
This Week in Rock Band DLC: The Offspring, George Thorogood and some scraps
RetroforceGO! episode 62: Mega Man 9
Indie Nation #34: I’m O.K.
Friday Night Fights: Procrastinate! edition

Destructoid Reviews:
Kirby Super Star Ultra


Best looking Wii game? Hands-on: Call of Duty: World at War (Wii)

Nintendo stock drops after DSi announcement
Resident Evil 5 ditches the typewriter
Nintendo is going to try and sell us a lot of games a second time
Check out this Covenant Energy Sword replica prototype
Face: Xbox 360 outsold PS3 in Japan in September
Iwata: our goal is not to compete with the iPhone
Atlus sweepstakes prize: 8.5″ tall Teddie plush
Going to TGS? Make sure to stop by the Chrono Trigger museum
Netflix Instant Watch coming to PS3 via third-party program
Ooh, a game about walking! Your Life Rhythm comes packed with pedometer
Here are the nominees for the 2008 Machinima Filmfest
Last Remnant Xbox 360 bundle comes to Japan
Analyst says DSi will not increase the audience significantly
Resident Evil 5 development is ‘like wartime’
Cammie promises that a new Pikmin is still coming
Getting to know the New Xbox Experience: The Game Marketplace
Gran Turismo Prologue gets a vehicular update
Silent Hill: Homecoming misses its PC release date
The Conduit to support MotionPlus, less waggle, more twist ahead
NBA Live 365 is included with NBA Live 09, but only if you buy the game new

Dr. Feelgood coming to Rock Band DLC
LittleBigPlanet to invite Disney characters to the party
Spore expansion on the horizon

Guitar Hero World Tour: Zakk Wylde and Hayley Williams getting their mo-cap on
This Ride to Hell teaser does not exactly inspire confidence
Crash Bandicoot is still around, uses psychic powers to kill things

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