The Daily Hotness: 79,046 calories, 6,892 grams of fat

This is the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner. Five types of birds, bacon, pig, bacon, bacon and so much bacon. Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck on Black Friday to all of you going for the deals too! (Via The Awesomer)

The Destructoid show does Thanksgiving, we talked to Alexev Pajitngy about Tetris, Dale reviewed Gran Turismo 5, win Dragon Ball Z games, Mark Wahlberg will be in the Uncharted movie and more happened on 11/24/10.

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Alexey Pajitnov, otherwise known as TETRIS GOD!

Contest: Win Dragon Ball Z games and tissue box!

Review: Gran Turismo 5
Review: Splatterhouse

Mark Wahlberg confirms starring role in Uncharted film
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Free App of the Day: Dino Cap
Final Super Meat Boy PC characters unveiled
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Blizzard temporarily slashes World of Warcraft prices
Billy Bob Thornton: Movies are crap because games are bad
Codies: Gran Turismo 5 ‘could be accused’ of being boring
Spy Party dev doesn’t trust the press, sounds wounded
Black Ops tops the charts in Japan
Your Shape Fitness Evolved getting downloadable workouts
Steam sale: Deus Ex, Sam & Max, gift packs, and more
Test Drive Unlimited 2 coming February 8
GameStop wants you to pre-order Halo: Reach DLC … What

How to draw Mario
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Kung-Fu Live punches, kicks PSN on December 7
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New Golden Sun pays homage to original game’s commercial

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