The Daily Hotness: 3D Dismemberment (09/05/08)

Oh hey, I have this art of Dead Space book! It’s pretty neat. I wonder why I never blogged about it. Oh that’s right, the special 3D effects scared the poop out of me. 

Microsoft is set to host the keynote at TGS, win a Mushroom Men bass guitar, Jack Thompson knows how to have fun, MS knows they can’t beat Nintendo, and plenty more happened on Friday.  

Friday Regulars:
The Week in Rock Band DLC: All That Remains three pack
RetroforceGO! episode 58: PAX 2008
Indie Nation #30: Masq
Friday Night Fights: Let the good times roll on edition

TGS 08:
Breaking: Microsoft to host keynote at Tokyo Game Show 2008

Win a custom Mushroom Men bass guitar signed by Les Claypool and more!

Electronic Arts gives away free … fuel?
Xbox LIVE offering ‘Extended Play’ discounts on select items
Every Guitar Hero World Tour rumor is true: Sting and Tool tracks confirmed
Midnight Club: Los Angeles hits the brakes, release date pushed back
Far Cry 2 collector’s edition is both collectible, and an edition
Sony is not worried about Xbox 360 price cuts
MS not cocky enough to think they can beat Nintendo this generation
Final Fantasy returns in concert: two new dates announced!
Club Nintendo continues to taunt us, waving new prizes in our face
Yuffie to join the cast of Avenue Q
New Mortal Kombat movie still in ‘the money stage’
MS offering sneak previews of movies via new ‘Xbox LIVE Film Club’
Videogame being used to help children understand bullying
Europeans locked out of Spore, EA working on a patch
Velvet Assassin model not just a pretty face, voices character in-game, more
Things on Wheels achievements and screens reveal the unexpected
Steam sale: All id titles 50 percent off this weekend
Sins of a Solar Empire shifts over 500,000 units
F*cking heads chopped off and goblin arsef*cking: Gallagher’s idea of videogames

White Knight Story gets a Japanese date of December 11
Bahamut Lagoon remake in the works

‘The Art of Dead Space‘ pre-order book comes with 3D glasses, causes nightmares
Codemasters delivers first Fuel screenshots, promises blizzards and sandstorms

I <3 Geeks gets a teaser and release window
Yakuza 2 trailer: film noir style… kind of
Samba! super trailer: dude in pink suspenders gets owned by a monkey
Gritty trailer for The Life in NBA 09 The Inside brings the streets to you
New Tenchu 4 trailer shows just about every way to kill a person

CNBC ‘proof that Sony is winning’ reporter follow-up
BREAKING NEWS: Jack Thompson finds sense of humor!

Hamza Aziz