The Daily Hotness: 07/31/08

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The Legend of Neil series has a lot of potential to it. The Old Man easily steals the spotlight every time he comes on screen. Hopefully future episodes can maintain this great comedy streak.

Lot of stories went up on Thursday. Here’s that list. Now go read them all and comment on them.  

Thursday Regulars:
Podtoid 63: BonerQuest
RetroforceGO! recording episode 55 tonight: Chrono Trigger
PlayStation Store Update: Eden without Eve, helmets, pigskin, and Yomp
Scraps: Radically short scrappings (7/31/08)

Resistance 2 viral marketing demon calls me, freaks me the f**k out

Destructoid review:
American McGee’s Grimm: A Boy Learns What Fear Is

PSP camera is not coming to the US
THQ is not Capcom, losses almost triple in Q1
No producers for Naughty Dog, too busy making games
Europe = less than a quarter of Xbox Live
Madden 09 and FaceBreaker demos are available
New survival horror game coming to Wii
Grown man wearing a shark costume confirmed for Midway’s TNA iMPACT!
The Trogdor comes in the night, we just don’t know which one
Home beta opens in Japan, features Namco space with playable classics
BioShock 2 ‘could be banned’ in the UK, warns anti-BBFC speaker
First episode of American McGee’s Grimm is out now, free for a limited time
Logitech tapped to make fancy instruments for Guitar Hero World Tour
Samurai Showdown II comes to the Wii VC
Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia being considered for NA release
Dragon Quest V pirates: get ready for a long boat ride
Saints Row devs think that the fancy PS3 is a tough nut to crack
Gran Turismo TV makes its debut with Friday’s update
Welcome to two weeks ago: Grand Theft Auto DS will support Wi-fi
60GB Xbox 360 has no street date, as Major Nelson points out
No Echochrome sequel in the works
A new Dreamcast game, Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles
ESRB lists Guitar Hero: World Tour for PC
Pervy Spore creations cause concern, called ‘child pornography’
It means no worries: Afrika gets a new name outside of the US
Split Reason unveils a virtual cornucopia of new gamer tees
Sonic proves to the world that he is F’n Metal

Nintendo going holographic with storage
Jet Grind Radio or wishful thinking?
Tekken 6 on your Xbox 360?
New Nintendo handheld at the end of the year
BioShock 2 to have multiplayer mode

Disney wants Wii and PS2 gamers to TH!NK Fast
Zeno Clash brings forth more bizarre imagery

Trailers & Videos:
MotionPlus dev video shows off potential for the accessory
Google Earth plus PS3 plus zombie outbreak equals The Last Guy and ‘do want’
The Legend of Neil is back: Everyone deserves a Heart cookie after murder!
A humorous look at how Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 was made

A cast of thousands: Link

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