The Daily Hotness: 07/19/08

This seriously is the best sweater EVER! Also, this might be too much info, but I could totally make that sweater design with my chest hairs. 

Several E3 previews went up, Jonathan Holmes orgasms at Mega Man 9, Sega is making a theme park in a Dubai Mall, and plenty more happened on Friday. 

Friday Regulars:
RetroforceGO! episode 53: Amazing at E3
Friday Night Fights: Farewell, E3 edition
Art Attack Friday: pyawakit
Scraps: Everyone’s out at The Dark Knight today (7/18/08)

E3 Hands-on & Previews:
AAF Bonus! This year’s Into The Pixel collection
Hands-on with Sony’s curious and beautiful PSN title, Flower
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is surprisingly solid
Left 4 Dead is frighteningly amazing
Hands-on with Cooking Mama World Kitchen
Pure hands-on impressions
Hands-on with Puzzle Quest:Galactrix
Wolf Quest

E3 Originals:
Day Two video recap

Destructoid Reviews:
Brave Story: New Traveler

Native PlayStation Store may be coming to the PSP
MSN Messenger gets an Avatar-like upgrade
UK DS chargers could hurt you
Sega creating another theme park in Dubai Mall

Hamza Aziz