The Daily Hotness 07/11/08

As Dtoider Hiltz pointed out, “The good news: It [Darwin] may be superior to the Wii’s motion control. The bad news: It [Darwin] looks like a detachable sex toy”.

Another new contest is announced today, Conrad reviews Alone in the Dark, Rock Band 2 drums are revealed, another Buffy the Vampire game is announced, Qalamari takes over YTMND and plenty more happened on Friday. 

E3 2008:
Rumortoid: Punch-Out!! for the Wii at E3
Zubo trailer confuses and delights

Friday Regulars:
RetroforceGO! episode 52: The Return
Friday Night Fights: Schizoid edition
Indie Nation #26: Urban Dead
Scraps: MMOs don’t have it easy today (7/11/08)

The Dew goes Old School / New School – Win an Xbox 360 on Dtoid!

Destructoid Reviews:
Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2
Alone in the Dark

Champions Online Media Day: Land of the free, and home of the Fire-Apes

Midway launches
Fallout 3 presents a post-apocalyptic film festival this August
Captain Obvious: Sony has no plans to drop the PS3 price
Capcom is going to kick Comic-Con’s ass
No Episode Three for E3, but we advise you to check out this concept art
LocoRoco 2 is 75% complete, more biting confirmed
Show me your moves! Some Street Fighter IV command lists released
Rock Band 2 drums detailed
Two separate gaming marathons are streaming live today for charity
XSEED Games lists Korg DS-10, Game Center CX among E3 titles
Patapon 2 featuring 4-player mode
First pics from upcoming iNiS title Lips
Is Darwin going to shift the balance of power away from Nintendo?
Boom Blox team looking for more employees
New Wolfenstein: ‘supernatural powers’ and alternate dimensions

Gamecock’s Mike Wilson announces running mate

Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes to DS
New Zoo Hospital Wii Screens

New Persona 4 trailer teases, taunts, kicks Optimus Prime’s ass
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix trailer is short, sweet, and sadly void of Spacecat

YTMND: CTZ was busy edition

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