The Daily Hotness 07/09/08

I just had to reuse this image Chad used for his Captain Rainbow post. The game sounds awesome, but the trailer just isn’t doing it for me. I need to see more before I can decide.  

Brad N. talks about Home, Xbox 360 price drop is confirmed, Mega Man 9 gets priced, Captain Rainbow is loved by Chad, more footage of Wario Land: Shake It! is shown, and plenty more happened on Wednesday. 

Wednesday Regulars:
Podtoid 61 records tonight…really!

Original Features:
Sony’s Home may not be where the heart is

E3 2008:
Capcom confirms official E3 2008 lineup
The calls E3 2008 the “make or break year”
Squeee! …nix: SQ EX announces E3 line-up and some release dates
Majesco announces official E3 2008 lineup

Blurry photo journalism: Xbox 360 price drop confirmed
Patapon 2 marches down the line
Activision announces Wee 1ST brand to focus on Wii titles
Nintendo patents a new Wii controller
GameChains help you to keep DS games handy
Mega Man 9 will be a bargain at 1000 Wii Points
New Omega Force DS game revealed
Prediction: Captain Rainbow will be the greatest Wii game of all time!
Grand Theft Childhood authors live in concert tonight
Onee Chanbara finally makes it onto US Wii consoles in 2009

Veil soon to be lifted on new Wolfenstein

Sir, yes sir! New screenshots for Zoids Assault
First official Castlevania Judgment screens revealed

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand trailer (or, why you wish you were a playa)
Game Party 2 and Touchmaster 2 announced for the Wii and DS
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom trailer gets anime fans wet in the pants
New detailed look at Wario Land: Shake It! Waggle waggle waggle
Best Wii game ever Captain Rainbow has a trailer!

A Tomopop custom exclusive: Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka
BREAKING: Major Nelson makes a test post [UPDATE]
Drop whatever you are doing and melt your face with Fruit Mystery

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