The Daily Hotness 07/04/08

[Update: OK, I was just looking at MechaMonkey’s C Blog and thought this video should go here. So awesome. Happy 4th of July everyone!]

Not too much happened today. It is the 4th of July holiday here in America so everyone is busy blowing stuff up, having BBQs, and getting drunk off their asses.

Brad loves to flame, Samba de Amigo is getting maracas, the first Street Fighter IV anime video is revealed and more happened on Friday at Destructoid. 

Friday Regulars:
Art Attack Friday: wandamagick
Indie Nation #25: The Last Stand 2
Friday Night Fights: 4th of July edition
RetroforceFAUX! Shark snorkling edition
Scraps: 7/4/08

Original Features:
A satisfaction with flame, a journey of the flamethrower

The day EA nearly started a war, or how to upset 60% of Northern Ireland
Samba de Amigo maracas confirmed
Diablo III console port is ‘theoretically possible’
PS3 Home is still on target for Fall release
No ‘griefing’ allowed in the Diablo III room
Siren: Blood Curse priced, nearly ready for European debut
Disaster report redux: Sony mum on 2.40 tragedy

First footage of Wario Land: Shake It! makes me a happy shark
Darksiders: Pre-E3 behind-the-scenes video and new screens
Ryu and Akuma battle it out in Street Fighter IV’s anime intros

Secretary of State gets a custom DS Lite
Video mashup: Final Fullmetal Fantasy VI

A cast of thousands: Kefka

Hamza Aziz