The Daily Hotness 07/02/08

I wasn’t home all day today so I have no opinion on any of today’s stories. So instead, let me tell you about my day in San Francisco.

One-third of the population there is crazy. Dyson and I came across a hobo that spoke the language of the Sims in the morning. Then a guy in his 40s got on the bus with an electric keyboard and played children songs like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” for the bus driver as I was heading to the train. Finally, as I was making my way to the train, a hobo was holding a sign that said “Need money for Viagra”. Every time I go into San Francisco to preview games, stuff like this always happens. Awesome, right?

So, yeah, stuff happened today. Except for the Eternity’s Child exclusive, I have no idea what was good so you tell me what was the hotness for today.

Wednesday Regulars:
Podtoid 61 records tonight, and we don’t have a host!
Scraps: 7/2/08

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Disaster report: Sony pulls firmware 2.40 after user complaints
Cyprus to regulate games, says the violence affects ‘teenager’s brains’

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