The Daily Hotness 06/20/08

I just had to use another picture from today’s Art Attack Friday, Petite Madame. She truly is my favorite artist I’ve ever featured and can’t get enough of her stuff.

Nick talked a lot about Guitar Hero: World Tour, Podtoid had a special episode dedicated to Metal Gear Solid 4, Atlus wanted you to pick the best breasts and plenty more happened on Friday at Dtoid. 

Important Notice: For everyone that entered into the Etrian Odyssey contest, make sure you’re on the final list. We’re going through all the posts sometime this weekend and should have winners by next week. 

Friday Regulars:
RetroforceFAUX! Anthony Burch hates sun, sand, happiness edition
Indie Nation #23: Steam Brigade
Art Attack Friday: Petite Madame
Scraps: Crap we missed on 6/20/08

Original Features:
Podtoid EX-2 Gaiden Plus Alpha: Metal Gear Solid 4 edition

Etrian Odyssey contest judged this weekend – make sure you’re on the list

First Guitar Hero: World Tour songs revealed, in-game music store after launch
Pew! Pew! Preview!: Guitar Hero: World Tour (Part 1)
Pew! Pew! Preview!: Guitar Hero: World Tour (Part 2)
Wii Guitar Hero: World Tour a ‘full SKU on par with its next-gen kin’
Guitar Hero: World Tour contains DNA of Activision’s scrapped Drum Hero/Villain
Atari Preview Day: Hands-on with N+ on the DS and PSP
Atari Preview Day: Hands-on with Smash Court Tennis
Atari Preview Day: Deer Hunter Tournament impressions

Ubisoft dedicates entire label to mini-games
ESRB lowers the shroud of secrecy surrounding unannounced games
SCEE president David Reeves believes in the power of the PS3
PlayStation Network Update: Hot add-ons edition
Sam’s Club has the best lawn ornament ever, also GH III pricedrop
Sony says that the ‘disc-based delivery system will fall’
This week in Rock Band DLC: The Pixies and Weezer
Atari goes on the offensive to protect Alone In The Dark legacy
The Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 goes on tour, spy it at PAX
Online adventure game Escape the Museum coming to the Wii
2K splices DRM out of BioShock
Digital Leisure celebrates the 25th anniversary of Dragons Lair

Atlus announces Master of the Monster Lair for Nintendo DS

Lock your doors! Hide your purses! Real Niko Bellic is on the loose!
Atlus wants to know which breasts are best

The start of the affair: Hunt the Wumpus
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