The Daily Hotness 06/09/08

Jesus equals Snake? Big Boss equals God? Reverend Anthony seems to think so and gives us some compelling reasons as to why in his latest original feature. Give it a read and tell us if you agree or not. (Photoshop by MechaMonkey). 

Podcastle records tomorrow (leave some questions!), new details on Call of Duty 5 emerge, and Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ is the best title to a game ever. 

Monday Regulars:
Virtual releases for the week of June 9th: still pissed after last night edition
Commando 3 and Frogger 2 on XBLA this Wednesday
New releases for the week of 06/09/08
Monday Mind Teasers 06/09/08

Win Warlords for XBLA

Original Features:
Metal Gear Jesus: religious parallels in the Metal Gear Solid series
The Podcastle records tomorrow: Print journalism gets a grilling

Call of Duty 5 details: Co-op, vehicles, and more WWII than you can handle
THQ: ‘Girls have better things to do than videogames’
UK Midlanders want a ban on violent games
Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization announced
Ultimate Game Chair plus Capcom = vibrator cleverly disguised as gaming chair!
Developer game notes: Don King Presents: Prizefighter
Dion Phaneuf announced as NHL 09 cover athlete…in most regions
Wait a minute, female gamers can have the same mindset as men!?

Rise of the Argonauts: Not just any old RPG
Everquest artwork featured in EXPOSE 6
Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ site goes live

Footage of Inital D PS3 skids around the corner

Idiot pastor wants to have a videogame burning: Dark ages alive and well
Seller asks $750 for a Final Fantasy VII jacket

C Blogs of 06/09/08
The start of the affair: Civilization

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