The Daily Hotness 05/30/08

I’d like to thank The Daily Mail for being complete morons. I wouldn’t have hurt my side from laughing so hard this morning if it wasn’t for them. Seriously, how did they not even try to figure out where this image originated from? Awesome journalistic integrity there, Daily Mail.

Here’s the recap for all of Friday’s stories. We still have some PS3 tokens to give away in the Battlefield contest, Samit tried out Guitar Hero: On Tour, and College Humor had a great new short on Halo 3. What was your highlight for Friday?

Original Features:
YTMND Friday: A day late edition
I, GameJew: The Mushroom Singdom 05/26/08
Indie Nation #20: Love
Art Attack Friday: sergevirusx

Hands-on impressions: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Contest: MOAR chances to win Battlefield: Bad Company demos

Interview with Winifred Phillips, composer of Speed Racer: The Videogame

Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be more accessible (read: easy)
Pachter chimes in on Netflix for Xbox 360
Daily Mail thinks Fallout 3 artwork is terrorist propagandain on Netflix for Xbox 360
Super Mario RPG Ultra Jumping onto the Virtual Console in Japan
Far Cry 2 is uglier than Crysis but has better replay value, ai, other stuff
New Zealand judge justifies a criminal’s ‘GTA is to blame’ excuse

June is the month of in-game XMB?

Halo 3 Homicide Detective

Order of Ecclesia trailer may be the best Castlevania trailer ever made

Street Fighter IV picture overload part one: Rufus is fat
Street Fighter IV picture overload part two: El Fuerte tiene un sartén

Community Blogs of 05/30/08
Death By Cartoon: Captain N, episode 107 – Three Men and a Dragon
If You Love It, Change It: Social activism in gaming

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