The Daily E3 Hotness: Day one of the show

Today was busy. Busy busy busy. So much is going on and we still haven’t covered everything that has happened today. Thank goodness for Hotness. More importantly, thank goodness for our amazing Destructoid staff as well as our awesome guest writers this week from Japanator and Tomopop who are helping us out with the massive wave of news.

Everything from the first day of E3 is below. The 3DS looks amazing, Portal 2 is coming to the PS3, Twisted Metal is alive again, there’s a new Zelda game and so much happened. Thanks for sticking with Destructoid throughout all this craziness.

E3 10 Originals:
E3 10: Jim, Rey, and Nick talk the 3DS, Miyamoto magic
E3 10: Nuke mode in Twisted Metal is really complicated
E3 10: Hands-on with Metroid: Other M in this video
E3 10: Disney Epic Mickey off-screen video is delightful
E3 10: 5 minutes of gameplay from the new Castlevania
E3 10: Donkey Kong Country Returns = win
E3 10: Kirby’s Epic Yarn showfloor demo HE IS STRING!
E3 10: 3DS, Zelda and the rest of Nintendo recapped
E3 10: Everything you need to know about Kinect so far
E3 10: Do NOT do this with your new Xbox 360
E3 10: Nintendo media event liveblog
Weekly Musing: Something about E3
E3 10: Jimpressions of the Nintendo press conference
E3 10: Preparing for the big show
E3 10: Quick hands-on with the Nintendo 3DS
E3 10: Unboxing the redesigned Xbox 360
E3 10: Sony media event live blog!

E3 10 Previews:

E3 10: Co-op hands-on with Blacklight: Tango Down
E3 10: Hands-on with Donkey Kong Country Returns
E3 10: Preview: Sonic 4: Episode 1
E3 10: Preview: Sonic Colors
E3 10: Floaty hands-on clips of Kinect with Forza
E3 10: A look at the M-rated LOTR: War in the North
E3 10: Red Faction: Armageddon bringing focus to narrative
E3 10: Hands-on with Kirby’s Epic Yarn
E3 10: Hands-on Platinum Games’ frantic shooter, Vanquish
E3 10: Hands-on with Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3
E3 10: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer impressions
E3 10: Preview: Epic Mickey
E3 10: Exploring Fallout: New Vegas’ Sin City strip
E3 10: Hands-on with DC Universe Online

E3 10 News:

E3 10: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is coming
E3 10: Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition unveiled
E3 10: Patience is required for this Fallout Online site
E3 10: Irrational’s Project Icarus won’t be shown at E3
E3 10: EA Sports Live Broadcast shown for EA Sports MMA
E3 10: Xbox LIVE coming to 9 more countries
E3 10: Activision says Modern Warfare 2 has sold a ton
E3 10: GoldenEye announced as Wii exclusive
E3 10: Nintedo busts out the mini-games with Wii Party
E3 10: Kojima teases us again
E3 10: 3DS is here
E3 10: Nintendo 3DS getting a crapton of games [Update]
E3 10: Kid Icarus: Uprising coming to 3DS
E3 10: February release date and Move for Killzone 3
E3 10: Wider cartridges on 3DS confirms physical hardware
E3 10: Rage to get first playable at QuakeCon 2010
E3 10: Sony to have 20 native 3D PS3 games by April 2011
E3 10: Heroes on the Move is a PS Move mascot action game
E3 10: PlayStation Move out for $49.99 on September 19th
E3 10: PlayStation Plus is coming at the end of the month
E3 10: Sony launches “Marcus” ad campaign for PSP
E3 10: Gran Turismo 5 coming November 2, 2010
E3 10: Medal of Honor PS3 includes remastered Frontline
E3 10: PS3 gets exclusive AC: Brotherhood content
E3 10: Dead Space 2 gets a PS3 Limited Edition
E3 10: Mafia II to have exclusive content on PS3
E3 10: Chill out with Infamous 2
E3 10: Valve announces Portal 2 for PS3

E3 10 Media:

E3 10: Will Scribblenauts 2 suck? Watch video, decide
E3 10: Cole returns in this inFamous 2 trailer
E3 10: Sonic has colors, let us show you them
E3 10: Hydrophobia still exists, looks as neat as ever
E3 10: Have even more Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 footage
E3 10: Gears of War 3 screens, brought to you by MAGIC
E3 10: New Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword videos
E3 10: Killzone 3 screens jetpack you in the FACE
E3 10: Don’t be a baby shaker with Babysitting Mama
E3 10: Square is working on a 3D Kingdom Hearts game
E3 10: Mario Sports Mix trailer coming in hot
E3 10: Rock Band 3 on DS detailed
E3 10: The Sly Collection is looking sharp on PS3
E3 10: New Pokemon Ranger trailer is OMG UKULELE PICHU
E3 10: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn out this holiday season
E3 10: Have some new H.A.W.X. 2 screens and details
E3 10: Have some dusty Ghost Recon Future Soldier shots
E3 10: Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned
E3 10: Halo: Reach introduces space combat
E3 10: PowerGig: Rise of the SixString trailer
E3 10: Kinect Sports in glorious picture form
E3 10: Driver: San Francisco trailer doesn’t end happily
E3 10: Enjoy these sorta new Pokemon Black/White pics
E3 10: NHL 11 looks like everything I’ve ever wanted
E3 10: Eric Chahi returns to gaming with Project Dust
E3 10: This EA Sports MMA trailer is painful to watch
E3 10: This year’s Summer of Arcade deserves a montage
E3 10: Use karma powers in The Sims 3 on PS3 and 360
E3 10: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit gets trailerized
E3 10: New Scott Pilgrim screens are retromazing!
E3 10: Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned
E3 10: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
E3 10: Disney Epic Mickey is a total jizz festival
E3 10: Nintendo announces Mario Sports Mix
E3 10: Donkey Kong Country Returns announced
E3 10: Kirby’s Epic Yarn is the cutest thing EVER
E3 10: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn rises this holiday
E3 10: Animal Crossing really pops on the 3DS
E3 10: PilotWings Resort announced for 3DS
E3 10: Paper Mario coming to the 3DS
E3 10: Star Fox 64 getting remade for 3DS
E3 10: Playstation Move gets moving with Sorcery
E3 10: Steel Diver, new Nintendo IP for 3DS
E3 10: The 3DS gets all cuddly with Nintendogs + Cats
E3 10: New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay videos appear
E3 10: The 3DS wouldn’t be complete without Mario Kart
E3 10: Sony shows us a mouthwatering PSP lineup
E3 10: Ogle these pics for Kid Icarus: Uprising on 3DS
E3 10: Dancing to the beat of Lady Gaga in Dance Central
E3 10: New Twisted Metal revealed for the PS3
E3 10: Donkey Kong Country Returns in screens, video
E3 10: GoldenEye 007 Wii shows off its updates
E3 10: Majesco’s Zumba Fitness is out of control exercise
E3 10: Medal of Honor’s multiplayer looks kinda crazy
E3 10: You Rock Guitar is an interesting peripheral
E3 10: Resident Evil on 3DS sure looks pretty
E3 10: Crafting Mama makes you some mugs
E3 10: Dead or Alive bounces to 3DS
E3 10: Dead Space 2’s E3 trailer is SO GOOD
E3 10: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is a mouthful
E3 10: That certain someone is still alive in Portal 2
E3 10: Pokepark Wii Pikachu’s Adventure–Adorable!
E3 10: Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater coming to the 3DS
E3 10: Your eyes might enjoy these Patapon 3 screens
E3 10: Here is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer
E3 10: New Prof. Layton game dated for September 20th

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