The Crew 2 is coming to Stadia in addition to The Division 2

Oh and uh, Monopoly

If you’ve been looking for new Stadia releases, Ubisoft has you covered! With….uh, The Crew 2, which was released in 2018, and…(squints)…Monopoly. Oh. At least The Division 2 is coming to Stadia too!

The trio of games was officially unveiled by way of the Stadia community site, which gave us firm release dates. The Division 2 will arrive on March 17, and will be the “first Stadia title to feature both cross-play and cross-progression.” Note that you need a uPlay account though, and you’ll need to link it to Stadia.

The Crew 2 won’t have that same cool feature, but it’ll be out on March 25. Read our review on it! That’s pretty much all I have to say about the fun but fleeting The Crew 2. Monopoly is also coming (the version developed by Engine Software) on April 28.

The Stadia team also reminds us that Doom Eternal is on the way, as is Elder Scrolls Online and Superhot. The real news here is cross-play, which pretty much needs to be incorporated into every game possible if Stadia is to survive: I can see the merit in playing it on a phone when you can’t hit up your PC. In theory.

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