The Creed assassinates sales and rental charts: Sells with the speed of a ninja

It may have had some pretty conflicting reviews (and a fair measure of controversy) but that hasn’t stopped Assassin’s Creed becoming the second fastest selling original IP in games history. In this industry, the only reviews that truly count are those made with people’s wallets, and in the UK especially, it’s a case of two thumbs up and a boatload of cash going Ubisoft’s way.

The only new IP to sell faster than Assassin’s Creed in the UK charts has been The Getaway, which is … hahaha … hahahahahahaha … those dumb wankers. HAHA! That’s hilarious. The Getaway.

Sorry, got distracted for a moment there. In related news, Creed is also now the third fastest selling Xbox 360 game, ranking just under Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3. The 360 is also the platform that claimed 67% of Creed‘s sales. Assassin’s Creed has also beaten out the critically acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy in Britain, as the plumber debuted at number 5 in the charts. Naturally, UR MR GAY achieved retribution in the US, where it’s safely sat at number 1.

On the subject of the United States, Assassin’s Creed is currently the number one Gamefly rental, having taken Modern Warfare down two steps and putting Mass Effect firmly in its place. Hopefully that’s enough to take Ms. Raymond’s mind off of how dirty some of you are.

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