The creator of Downwell is now working at Nintendo

Smooth moves

Well this sure is a fine way to start off the day!

Ojiro “Moppin” Fumoto, the creator of Downwell, has taken a job at Nintendo.

“I’ll do my best,” he said in tweet.

Downwell is a roguelike action game about strategically falling and it feels so wonderful. I hope you try playing it sometime, because I want good things for you. Downwell is very much a good thing.

Fumoto has since been collaborating with Spelunky‘s Derek Yu and other independent creators on UFO 50, a collection of 50 games that “are slightly smaller than commercial 8-bit titles from the ’80s.”

I hope he does well at Nintendo and that we get to learn what he’s up to before too long.

Moppin [Twitter]

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