The Coximano Challenge: Videoball (feat. Action Button)

Videoboys play Videoball

After I sent Myles packing in the last episode of Coximano Challenge, we decided he needed time to regain his shattered facilities. He needed space to heal, in preparation for the moment when the two of us would once again step into the arena.

That moment has come.

Myles challenged me to Videoball, a game our own Nic Rowen called “the Platonic ideal of a video game” (which is a great sentence, I love that boy) in his review. He’s right, in a lot of ways! This is a video game-ass video game, and there’s a lot to respect in that mission statement.

Unfortunately, me and Myles found ourselves evenly matched, and were forced to bring in a couple ringers. Namely, Videoball developers Tim Rogers and Michael Kerwin. They are very good at Videoball. Me and Myles are not.

No spoilers, but I think I should win by DQ because of all the vaping.

Mike Cosimano