The Coximano Challenge: Super Mario Maker

It’s a metaphor for life!

I used Super Mario Maker to drive one of my good friends into the arms of alcoholism. When Myles Cox (the Destructoid Video Boy who had his day) and I workshopped the idea that would become the Coximano Challenge, we figured it would be mostly some good-natured competition — not this. Anything but this.

Anyway, this is a new video series where the two of us go head-to-head in video games. This is certainly not an original idea by any means, but I’ll take any excuse to do stuff with Myles. It’s hard to collaborate when the dude lives many states away!

This is just a pilot, so we’re excited to hear your feedback! Obviously each installment will be different since we’re going to be looking at different games — each with their own unique production challenges. But that works in your favor! Tell us what you like, what you don’t. And if you don’t like this particular genre of video but you like Myles and me, give us suggestions! My immediate future literally rests in your hands.

Myles’ level: CB44-0000-0049-754D

Mike’s level: EA51-0000-004E-017E

Mike Cosimano