The Conduit’s multiplayer sort of revealed

High Voltage and Sega have been kind of quiet on the details surrounding The Conduit‘s multiplayer modes. This week, they’re finally ready to reveal the info, even giving us the chance to go hands-on with it.

But as they say, s**t happens… during our hands-on session with the game’s multiplayer, a server issue made sure we couldn’t actually, you know, get our hands-on. Tomorrow though, we’ll have a full Q&A that will answer all of your questions about the game’s online multiplayer modes and more. In the meantime, we can tell you that it supports 12 players, and supports WiiSpeak, allowing you to hear only the players closest to you in-game. 

Also, we have some screenshots and a video to hold you over. Also, be sure to check out our recent video interview with High Voltage, featuring footage from the game’s single-player experience. Are you happy now? 

Nick Chester