The Conduit 2 confirmed

High Voltage’s not-totally-successful Wii shooter The Conduit is getting sequel, as confirmed by Nintendo Power. While specific gameplay details were not shared, the magazine still managed eight pages of content on the thing, and was able to squeeze a few crucial facts. 

A whole new selection of game modes, including returning modes like Bounty Hunter, are on the cards, alongside a whole new character class system. Classes will feature upgrades such as robotic legs, that allow for faster sprinting. Players will be able to customize their characters quite extensively, adding upgrades to their suits and creating a unique online warrior. Also, four-player splitscreen is confirmed.

As well as competitive multiplayer, a co-op Invasion mode for up to four players has also been announced. Specific details have not been revealed, but it sounds like it will be some kind of “Horde” game type. 

You know what? That actually sounds … exciting. Yes, The Conduit 2 actually sounds frigging exciting. With Red Steel 2 using MotionPlus to really make an FPS work on the Wii, hopefully High Voltage will be able to take some examples and make a truly console-worthy shooter on the Wii. I hope so. Having a top notch online shooter on the Wii is inconceivable, but kind of awesome. 

The Conduit 2 in Nintendo Power – Confirmed [GoNintendo]

Jim Sterling