The club can’t even handle these Berserk Warriors screens

But seriously, it looks great

Several days ago it was confirmed that Zodd will be making his way into Berserk Musou as a playable character (in both his humanoid in Apostle forms), but all we had to go off of was a few old screens of a boss fight and a very low quality scan. Now, thanks to new screens released by Koei Tecmo, we can get a good look at the big lug, and he’s looking pretty fine.

Taking these down a bit, we see the early Golden Age era fight with Guts in his normal armor, as well as a series of pictures with him in his Berserker Armor later in the series — an artifact that basically unlocks a person’s full fighting potential while inducing a sort of insanity state on the wearer. The armor set will have a direct impact on gameplay.

Berserk is such a rich combat-driven series that I can’t imagine Koei Tecmo screwing this one up too badly. Everything we’ve seen so far looks on point, and they seem to have made the game brutal enough without ending up with an overly explicit CERO Z rating in Japan.

It’s checking all the right boxes. Now we wait.

Berserk [Famitsu]

Chris Carter
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