The Clash’s London Calling hits Rock Band next week

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The Clash’s classic album, London Calling, hits Rock Band next week. Yes, the whole thing.

“What a fantastic album,” said our own Conrad Zimmerman, who is always as right about Clash albums as he is handsome (which is to say, very much so).

We’re talking about 18 songs, from the title track to “Revolution Rock,” “Lover’s Rock,” “Clampdown,” and more. The whole thing will cost you $19.99, and you can buy the individual tracks for $1.99 if you’ve got your favorites.

Full track listing, as well as details on which songs will support Pro Guitar and Pro Bass can be found below.

  • “London Calling” X
  • “Brand New Cadillac”
  • “Jimmy Jazz”
  • “Hateful”
  • “Rudie Can’t Fail” X
  • “Spanish Bombs” X
  • “The Right Profile”
  • “Lost in the Supermarket”
  • “Clampdown” X
  • “The Guns of Brixton”
  • “Wrong ‘Em Boyo”
  • “Death or Glory”
  • “Koka Kola”
  • “The Card Cheat” X
  • “Lover’s Rock”
  • “Four Horsemen”
  • “I’m Not Down”
  • “Revolution Rock”

Songs with the “X” next to them can be upgraded to Pro Guitar and Pro Bass for an addition 99 cents. You know you want to do it.

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