The catpocalypse is real, and it’s happening in TF2

There are so many things right with this video I honestly don’t know where to begin.

Okay, now that I’ve taken a deep breath, let’s start from the top. Some mysterious genius has created what has to be one of the greatest Team Fortress 2 maps ever (download here + instructions); if you haven’t watched the video yet, know this isn’t too hyperbolic a statement.

When triggered, a giant, laser-spewing cat will ascend from the depths of hell to bring upon the impending catmageddon with the help of its howling minions. What’s more, this vile fiend CAN LITERALLY SHOOT BEES AT YOU. For those lacking a TF2 install, PC Gamer has some thrilling pictures of the mayhem.

Laser death cat punishes Team Fortress 2 grinders [PC Gamer]

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